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  • Max inadvertently ends up in a Go Fund me video that goes viral, and now everyone wants him to be part of something. 
  • Floyd hasn't left the building yet, and he wants some work to do. 
  • Helen is reinstated to her position as head of Oncology again. 
  • Kapoor helps a man move and have range of his body again. 
  • A young man comes to Max seeking help after seeing his video. His dad has the same issues that the girl in the viral storyhad. He wants Max's help. 
  • Matteo is trying to move the new arm that Kapoor has set up for him. 
  • Karen proposes they do something more with crowdfunding. 
  • Lauren connects with someone in Psychology, but they may be a ghost. 
  • Max works the doctors up proposing a plan with how to pay for surgeries and crowdfund.
  • A patient ends up in an elevator shaft, and Reynolds has to treat him while he's down there. 
  • The arm and equipment isn't working for Mateo, so they suggest he attempt to do it like he's flying. 
  • Iggy is about to binge eat when he sees Dr. Rothman, the same doctor Lauren met in the elevator, but she said that he died a while ago.
  • The elevator comes down and nearly crushes Floyd and the boy. 
  • Helen's patient tells her how she really feels about cancer and fighting it. She speaks to the kids to listen to how they really feel and wants to make a video about that instead. 
  • Iggy and Lauren find Dr. Rothma. He's an Alzheimer's patient in the memory loss ward. 
  • Kapoor talks Mateo through controlling the equipment. 
  • Helen puts together the fundraiser and Max wants to cancel it. 
  • Someone hears Floyd and the boy and they're abut to get help. 
  • Mateo doesn't want to stop flying. 
  • The cancer kids tell Max that they aren't being expoited, they want to help because they're grateful. 
  • Max does the video and speaks of his own experiences. 
  • Everyone says goodbye to Floyd and sends him off. 
  • Iggy talks to Dr. Rothman about what's bothering him. 
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New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

You want to tell me how you wound up down here in the first place? Tell me? I've heard crazier.


Today, you move again.