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  • Floyd gives Max and the others his plan for tackling Kapoor's heart issue, but the prospects aren't looking good. 
  • He's surprised by how different everything is, but he's often reminded that COVID changed things. He only had three deaths at the hospital he worked at, and he expresses feeling bad about not experiencing the worst of it. 
  • Ella goes into labor while waiting for Kapoor's surgery and her OCD gets the better of her. Helen is there to help her through it all. 
  • Max is called when an orderly is accused of stealing oxy. The orderly reveals that his mother needs it and was cut off. 
  • Max talks to her about it and learns that the policy he put into place is what is causing issue and preventing those who are suffering from getting the drugs that they need. 
  • Max goes about trying to rectify the situation and even hires bike messengers to deliver the drugs which gets him arrested. 
  • Karen is aggravated with all of his measures, but he reaches a solution by marking all of their drugs so that they know if they get out into the streets and are held accountable. 
  • Iggy is feeling sick and Lauren discovers that it's because of him fasting and his eating disorder. 
  • He shares with her his background and issue and she tries to reason with him and get him to help himself. 
  • Iggy lashes out at her, but eventually he realizes that he doesn't want his kids to pick  up his same habits. 
  • Kapoor's surgery goes well. He has a dream where he sees his wife and she tells him to go back to be with his granddaughter. He wakes up to everyone's delight. 
  • Helen moves forward with Cassian. 
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Floyd: My hospital had three.
Helen: Three what?
Floyd: Only three deaths. I feel guilty even saying it. 
Helen: Don't. You were spared. I wish we were, especially Lauren. It hit her the worst.

Floyd: What happened to how can I help?
Helen: The virus hit us hard. Nothing is the same.