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  • It's an opening montage of the group suited up having to fight  and treat COVID patients as the bodies pile up in trucks, everyone is tired, lonely, sad, and grieving to a montage of What a Wonderful World.
  • Kapoor falls ill and ends up on a ventilator. 
  • Max only gets to see Luna over Face Time while she quarantines with Georgia's parents. 
  • Iggy can't take it anymore and returns home to see Martin.
  • Everyone gets vaccines.
  • The hospital is back to bustling, but Kapoor is still on the ventilator. 
  • Max calls a meeting which has Iggy excited that someone may get fired or something else big will happen. He's surprisingly chipper for someone who is on a healthy food diet. 
  • Cassian tells Helen that he got the hint after months of her never calling him back or speaking to him. She tells him that she was settled in and dealing with pandemic stuff, and says that they can meet up for dinner later.
  • Max gives a pep speech celebrating that Kapoor is off the ventilator and that he will try to fix all the cracks in a system that abandoned them, but they're distracted by a failing plane that lands in the water as an emergency landing. They prep for trauma and triage.
  • Lauren wants everyone to pitch in the ER, and others remind her that it's not like the pandemic anymore when all hands on deck no matter what.
  • The NTSP comes looking to talk to the pilot and investigate the plane crash, but Max wants to keep the pilot safe and check him out first. 
  • The pilot, Captain Starks, is catatonic and not speaking to anyone. 
  • Kapoor wasn't taken off the ventilator yet because the hospital ran out of propofol. It pushes Max to on a wild goose chase for it,reaching out to other hospitals.
  • Iggy evaluates the pilot while Max holds off NTSP who believe that the pilot flew impaired and may launch a criminal investigation.
  • The pilot reveals to Iggy that he doesn't remember what happened, that he was having a manic episode and is bipolar and no one else knows.
  • Lauren stresses out her ER team when she demands full reports on every single patient they treat. 
  • Cassian and Helen perform surgery on one of the crew members on the plane
  • The co-pilot needs a heart procedure in the ER, and Lauren does it herself and gets reamed out for not waiting on cardio and passing it off because it sn't the pandemic anymore, and she can't take such liberties. 
  • Max reaches out to a fellow doc at another hospital for propofol, but his hospital is losing money, and has to lay off janitors and find enough staff and cash to bulk up the elective procedures to generate enough money to rehire all of their janitors.
  • The pilot confides in Iggy about his treatment plan,keeping his bipolar secret, and fear that maybe he had a delusion and like the last time that happened, tried to kill himself by nosediving the plane. Meanwhile, Max can't hold off the NTSP who come with paperwork, so he tells Iggy to hide the pilot.
  • the cardio doctor reprimands Lauren when she makes the person's issue worse by going rogue.
  • Casey listens to Lauren talk about how she misses pandemic and her purpose in it. He relates to her and also tells her that she's still saving people including him.
  • Cassian notices Helen's excessive, intense handwashing and she flinches when he touches her.
  • They listen to the blackbox and assume that Starks defied his copilot and crashed the plane. 
  • After talking to the copilot, they determine that the pilot was actually saving the plane and the people. 
  • Max gets on a group call with all the other hospitals where they figure out what each other need and trade things. 
  • Max talks to Helen about missing Luna, their new normal, and wanting to tear down the system and build a new one.
  • He gets the propofol and Kapoor is awake, but he has sextensive heart damage, and Max calls Floyd. 
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New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

I want everyone to know that I am committed to fixing the cracks around here, OK? The system abandoned us when we need it most, and I vow to fix the system that left us overburdened and unprotected. The system that left our most vulnerable patients behind, and hopefully, New Amsterdam can finally get back to --


You're incredibly upbeat for someone who's living on seeds.

Lauren [to Iggy]