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  • It opens with a man and his mother leading up to her maybe dying.
  • IT's iggy's patient who talks to him.
  • Iggy is still doing weight lifting and bonding with his trainer.
  • A bunch of kids come in and it seems like they're high and the woman who is like a grandmother to them encourages them and then collapses.
  • A man comes in to tell Max that the hosital manipulated his mother into giving up her home.
  • Max talks to the man, Solomon, about taking the woman's home and Max realizes how he has preyed on people with this setup of providiing a service for them and being there for them.
  • Lauren's patient's mother says she's the one who bought her daughter the drugs. And her daughter overdosed on marijuana
  • Iggy has issues with the man who supposedly helped his patient get closure with his dead mother.
  • Wilder believes her patient has an eating disorder.
  • Solomon the janitor continues to help people with his abilities which concerns and bugs Iggy.
  • The irate son tells Max that he was deployed for two years, and that's why he wasn't directly there with his mother.
  • Iggy realizes that Solomon the medium has epilepsy.
  • While Lauren talks to her patient's mom, her patient ends up outside and is hallucinating. She steps off of the roof of a car into traffic.
  • They perform surgery on Wilder's patient and realize she wasn't lying about an eating disorder. She has lymphoa.
  • Floyd's patient isn't getting put on the transplant list because of her age and Ms. Anders' chances of getting a heart after her rib bone pierced hers is slim.
  • Solomon tells Iggy that his brother is talking to him.
  • Max fights for the house for the son but since Joanne's will gave them the house before she had dementia, it stands.
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Marijuana in 2022 is not the same drug as when you were a kid.


Somehow, you turned service to your country into a liability.