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  • A montage of Max and Helen during their happiest and most loving moments.
  • Max is in bed thinking about Helen and the letter she sent him.
  • Montage of him hanging out with everyone, them cheering hiim up. Luna's birthday party. Everyone stopping by to support him. Him going on with life.
  • Wilder especially is very supportive and tryijng to check in to see if he's still sad. They have seemingly grown closer.
  • Lauren is crashing with Floyd because she's trying to stay away from Leyla as the immigration process happens.
  • Floyd gives Lauren a day to find somewhere else to go after she sleeps in his bed.
  • Martin and Iggy are coparenting with their new arrangement.
  • Floyd shows off how much the baby has grown up. He's happy. His father is flaking on him for dinner again and he hasn't had to really talk.
  • Luna wants to know why Helen isn't there anymore.
  • Wilder wants to make her patient's dying wish come true. Brady wants to be the star of a Bollywood musical.
  • a bunch of protestors are brought into the ER. They end up rallying for sex work
  • Max tells Iggy that he can't move on and nothing is giving him the answers that he needs as to why Helen left him because she can't even understand it.
  • Iggy tells him to think about the other memories that could give him more insight. He thinks about how Helen reacted after they first made love.
  • Karen tells Max that they're getting money for a new clinic from a new corporation who want their names. But it's a company that promotes conversion therapy, abstinence etc.
  • Max reminds Karen of what Veronica would've done.
  • Iggy meets up with a new patient, Alex, who has autism, who is more phsyicaly aggressive and is adjusting because his therapist died.
  • Floyd is in on the plan of getting Brady to India or at least in his own Bollywood musical after the talk he has with him.
  • Iggy says that he'll take on Alex's case if they fire the other doctors on the list who help him. Iggy argues that Alex is an adult now and needs more updated care.
  •  A patient Rhoda is angry when one of the other doctors took an HIV test without her consent. They give her the results to determine if she wants to do something about it or not.
  • Karen gets roped into the plan with Brady and India, too.
  • Floyd finds a sizable tumor in Brady enscasing his aorta and they can't do anything about it. He can't go to INdia because the cancer has spread.
  • They put the Wholesome name brand on the sex workers clinic to have the best of both worlds and the Wholesome guy is pissed about it.
  • Iggy comes out on the rooftop to talk to Max. he realizes that there were bad moments too but the good ones outweighed those. He said he tried to fix them and her.
  • They put on a Bollywood routine at the hospital with Brady
  • Lauren shows up at her apartment and asks about sleeping in the spare room. Leyla tells her that someone esle is there it appears that Leyla has a girlfrend.
  • Floyd brings food to his father's place to eat.
  • Iggy tries to text Martin his feelings
  • Max has new eyes for Wilder.
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Luna: Why isn't mum here?
Max: Because, um...

Best separated dads ever!