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-Nick has planned a surprise party for Jess, but has led her to believe that he has nothing planned.

-Nick genuinely does not have anything planned in the hours leading up to the party, and struggles to come up with fun things for Jess to do, all while struggling to keep her away from the apartment, where Winston and Coach are trying to bake her a birthday cake.

-Jess, frustrated by Nick's lame activities (which have included looking for the heaviest rock in the park and going to the drug store), runs away from him, back to the apartment, distraught.

-Coach and Winston, distracted by trying to keep their party preparations a secret, do not do a good job at comforting Jess.

-When Nick finally arrives to take her to her surprise party, they find she has left to go to the movies.

-Jess arrives at the movies alone, only to find that the movie theater is the setting for her surprise party, and that the theater is filled with her closest friends.

-Cece is struggling as a bartender; Schmidt helps her out by advising her on the finer points of mixology.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

A lot of people never graduated high school! Einstein! Bill Gates! Anne Frank! I'm gonna take back that last one.


You set fire to soda water. Who does that? How do you even possibly do that? It's not a flammable thing! It's not even...are you a witch?