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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 21, Coach and May decide they should break up because she is moving to New York and Coach doesn't think they would be able to make it long distance. At first, Coach seems like he's OK with the breakup, but while he is teaching a class on sex education, he has a breakdown and admits he misses May. Jess tries to help him out by convincing him to go to May and tell her how he really feels, but Winston and Nick have better plans for Coach and they decide to go out to get drunk so Coach can forget May.

While out drinking, May comes by the loft to get something she left behind and Jess convinces her to stick around talk. As they are talking, May admits she's in love with Coach and wants him to go with her to New York because she can see a future with him. When they go to the bar they are surprised to see a bunch of women dancing and trying to kiss Coach, so May leaves and Coach admits he is also in love with May and sees a life with her. Jess tells Coach he needs to go after May and tell her how he really feels. He goes to see her at the recording studio and he awkwardly admits how he can see them growing old together, they make up and Coach agrees to go to New York with her.

Fawn is still trying to get over what happened to her on the golf course and enlists Schmidt's help by having him admit to being a pervert, but doesn't tell him this is what she is planning on doing. At a press conference, Fawn gives Schmidt a statement to read where he takes full blame on Fawn's indecent exposure and later they got to pick out panties to show they are trying to move past his "problem." At the lingerie store, Schmidt comes to realizes he doesn't see a future with Fawn and they decide to break up, but not before Schmidt makes the breakup look like he's the bad guy so she can look good for the press. 

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