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Jafar changes the rules of magic and forces his father to love him, then he kills him.

Jafar presents Will with the Red Queen, alive once again but now in love with Jafar.

Amara saves Cyrus and they head to the Well of Wonders in the hopes of reversing Jafar's powers. Jafar captures Alice and threatens to change her past so that she never left England or met Cyrus if she doesn't lead him to Amara.

Alice tells Jafar that not even his magic can destroy true love. He leaves to find Amara. Will kisses the Red Queen and breaks Jafar's curse with true love's kiss. 

Amara surrenders herself to the Well of Wonders in order to free her sons from their bottles. Jafar tries to stop her and steals the water. The Well of Wonders turns him into a genie. Will, and Cyrus' brothers are set free. Amara dies. Alice and Cyrus reunite.

The Red Queen dies once again. Will is heartbroken but the guardian of the Well of Wonders says that Anastasia was meant to go on and gives her healing waters to bring her back to life. 

Alice and Cyrus return to England and marry. Her father thanks her for proving to him that forgiveness is real. The White Rabbit pronounces them one and bids them to live happily every after in front of friends and family including Will and Anastasia. 


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
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