Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 7 Review: The Snow Queen

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Love is free, but magic comes at a price and fear exacts an even greater toll on those you love. 

On Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 7we went back to Arendelle to see what happened to sisters Ingrid (aka The Snow Queen), Helga and Greta - and it wasn't pretty. 

So was Ingrid's downfall with her sisters inevitable or did it begin when she gave their ribbons away to Rumpelstiltskin? Was part of their sisterly bond somehow lost when they made that deal? Rumpel tried to warn Ingrid in this Once Upon a Time quote...

True love comes in many forms but the sisterly bond, worth it's weight in magic.


Ingrid was devastated when she accidentally killed Helga. Then Greta turning on her just destroyed her. She would be forever changed by the tragedy and betrayal. On a side note, kudos on the casting for the Duke of Weaselton. I knew who he was from the movie before they ever uttered his name. 

Fast forward to present day Storybrooke where she tried to set up the same fate for Emma. 

The look of fear on Mary Margaret's face when Emma boiled Neal's bottle with her bare hand was kind of comical but seeing that same fear, tinged with anger on her mother's face when she almost killed David and Hook was what broke Emma. 

The Snow Queen wasn't far off the mark when she asked Emma...

How often have you felt more like a savior than their daughter?

My one disappointment when Emma ran was that Hook didn't follow. Was it because he thought she needed to get away from them all or was he frightened by her uncontrollable powers as well?

Elsewhere, Regina implored Robin Hood to stay away from her so that he could fall back in love with his wife and save her. I found it intriguing that Regina was the one telling Robin to do the right thing. I can't say I was disappointed when he didn't listen and came back for that kiss.

I look forward to Regina and Henry ramping up Operation Mongoose. It feels as though that plot line has stalled a bit. Although I enjoyed Henry working with his grandpa at the shoppe. 

Mr. Gold: I am going to give you a potion that possesses the power to turn something old into something new.
Henry: What kind of potion's that?
Mr. Gold: Furniture polish. You can start in the back.

Finally, The Snow Queen tracked down Mr. Gold to make a deal. She'd give him the one piece of information he needs to get rid of the dagger in return for her sisters' ribbons.

Why did the nature of that information make Gold so giddy and what power do those ribbons hold?

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The Snow Queen Review

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