A Pair of Shorts - One Day At A Time Season 4 Episode 5
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Elena tried to decide on an essay topic for her college essay.

Alex walked in and asked about having a Quince as a joke, but Elena, Penelope, and Lydia wanted to throw him one. Alex admitted he just needed five hundred dollars, but he would not say why.

Leslie came over to Schneider and Avery's apartment to give them a present for the baby -- a family heirloom, Ruckus the Clown. Leslie suggested that he endured a nasty divorce with his ex-wife because they had a kid. 

Alex came home from school, and Penelope asked him about the money. He admitted he wanted to take a class in fashion design. Lydia tried to convince him to let her teach him. Penelope helped Alex out of that and enthusiastically agreed to let Alex take the class.

A few days later, Elena was stressed because she could not decide on an essay topic.

Alex came home from his first fashion design class. Lydia was still bitter about it, but Penelope was excited for him. Alex showed them a pair of shorts he made.

Penelope and Lydia discovered that Alex bought the shorts, and lied to them.

Meanwhile, Avery and Schneider sat on their couch, with Ruckus sitting in between them. Schneider was worried about what Leslie said, Avery reassured him.

Schneider got up to put Ruckus in the baby's room, but Avery wanted him to throw the clown out. Then, they had their first fight.

Penelope went to Alex's room to confront him about his lying. Alex confessed that while he loved the class, he quit because he was bad at sewing. He was upset because he felt like he has a lot to live up to because Lydia, Penelope, and Elena built perfect lives, but Alex's was below average. 

Penelope convinced Alex not to quit the class, and with practice, he will become better at fashion design.

Then, Avery and Schneider went to their first ultrasound with Leslie. They kept fighting until Leslie showed them a sonogram of their child. They made up, and Leslie told them that his marriage fell apart because his wife cheated on him.

Avery and Schneider pretend that Ruckus was homesick and gave the clown back to Leslie. 

A few days later, Alex came home from another fashion design class. He successfully made a jacket. Lydia insisted she will be his model instead of his teacher.

Elena arrived and said she wrote the perfect college essay. Penelope tricks Alex into a mother-son dance. Lydia tricked Penelope into thinking that she had a parking ticket so she could dance with Alex.

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One Day At A Time Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Alex: I just need five hundred dollars, okay?!
Penelope: Five hundred dollars?! Why?!
Alex: For once, can't you just give me five hundred dollars without asking any questions?!

Alex: 'Sup fam, I was just wondering how the planning is coming for my quince?
Penelope: What the hell are you talking about?
Alex: Oh well, I thought that since Elena had a quince, obviously I would also be getting a party to celebrate my coming of age. This being a house of gender equality and all.