A Win After All - One Day At A Time Season 4 Episode 4
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The episode begins with Penelope and Max bantering playfully in bed.
On Halloween, Elena and Syd dress up as Greta Thunberg and a melting iceberg. They will be going door-to-door to spread awareness on climate change. 
Schneider and Avery walk in wearing a strange couples costume. After the others try to guess, Schneider says they were dressed as goat yoga. He is worried about winning a costume contest. 
Penelope comes home from Max's apartment. When decorating for Halloween, she opens the front door to find Alex and Nora kissing. Alex dyed his hair silver.
Alex will be going to a party at Nora's house instead of trick-or-treating.
Max calls Penelope, and they talk about their Halloween plans. Meanwhile, Lydia goes to take out the trash, but she finds a positive pregnancy test. Lydia assumes it belongs to Penelope.
Max and Penelope dress up as Danny and Sandy from Grease. 
Schneider and Avery come back dressed as a drag race. Penelope finds it adorable, but Schneider is insulted, so they change their costumes again. 
After they leave, Leslie arrives, dressed as the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Lydia makes an entrance from behind her curtain as Belle. 
In the kitchen, Lydia shows Leslie the pregnancy test. They try to eavesdrop on Max and Penelope's conversation. 
At the same time, Elena and Syd begin knocking on people's doors. After two apartments, Elena and Syd decide to go trick-or-treating instead of spreading awareness on climate change, since no one is interested in listening to them.
Max and Penelope toast, but Lydia tries to stop Penelope from drinking, thinking she's pregnant. The test does not belong to Penelope. She freaks out because she thinks it belongs to Alex and Nora.
Penelope and Max rush over to Nora's house. She confronts Alex. Nora and her parents get involved, but Alex insists that he never took that step with Nora. 
Elena and Syd arrive back at the apartment with loads of candy. Then, Penelope, Alex, and Max come home, and none of them can figure out who the pregnancy test belongs to, until Schneider and Avery walk in wearing a new costume. 
Schneider says they came in second place to Elton John. Everyone starts congratulating them, and Schneider thinks it is because they won second place. 
Avery shows Schneider the pregnancy test. He is extremely happy. Everyone decides to celebrate. 
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One Day At A Time Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Lydia: Put this outside.
Elena: With that bobo in the White House I can't stand to look at an orange face right now!
Lydia: He's like a pumpkin, he'll get thrown out in November.

Schneider: The prize is an iPad mini, and I never win anything!
Elena: You're a rich, straight, cisgender white dude, you won at life!
Schneider: But I want an iPad mini!