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Nathan and Haley spend most of the episode looking after Clay and Quinn at the hospital...again.  Upon finding out that Clay needs a kidney transplant, Nate offers his, but is not a match.

Clay spends the hour conversing with his new ghost friend at the hospital, Will.  Will has joined Clay in this "space in between" because his texting got him into a car crash.

Jamie spends the day with Julian and Brooke and the three of them have a blast.

Mouth works on his new podcast, in which he talks about his favorite sports movies of all time.

Victoria and Millicent work on their plan to save Brooke and Clothes Over Bros.  It ends with Victoria taking the fall and heading off to prison.

By episode's end, Clay wakes up from his coma after his new friend Will passes on.  We are led to believe Will's kidney went to Clay in order to save his life.

One Tree Hill
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One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

Jamie: Aunt Brooke do you know where babies come from?
Brooke: Not from me.

This sucks, huh? Now I know why they call it the waiting room.


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Factory Factory Band of Horses iTunes
Song I Still Do I Am Kloot
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