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Piper and her team have started the panty business.

Everyone loves Crazy Eye's story. A rabbi has been brought in to test the inmates. Pearson is showing his shady side. 

Norma's group is interrupted by the Catholics and have to defend themselves as a defined faith.

Flashback: Leanne is at a party with a bunch of kids getting high, dealing drugs with her boyfriend. She sneaks back home in the morning to her family's farm--their Amish farm. 

Sophia's son was arrested while out with Gloria's boy, which leads to discord between them.

Coates is flirting with Pennsatucky, but she shuts it down.

The inmates gather to watch the Judy King trial coverage. Norma's followers have gathered to codify their faith. Poussey is torn between the two group.

Flashback: Leann is being baptized in the Amish church, but is arrested after the ceremony.

Crazy Eye's is inundated with fans. while everyone complains about the new food and how to convince the rabbi.

Alex invites Lolly to join the lunch table. Red continues to inform everyone that the food is not hers. Lolly evades questions. 

The inmates try to impress the rabbi. 

Norma's follower's try once again to organize themselves. Norma is upset that Leann scared off Soso.

Flashback: Leann is going undercover to get the charges against her dropped. 

In the bathrooms, Stella flirts with Piper.

Lolly breaks a window at the greenhouse, Alex thinks she stole a large piece of broken glass.

Leann apologizes to Soso, who makes fun of her when she reveals her Amish background. 

Flashback: Leann is back with her family, but she has been shunned for sending the ex-amish kids to jail. She overhears her parents discussing financial problems.

Pennsatucky apologizes to Coates. 

The kosher meals have been restricted. Red makes an anouncement to the entire cafeteria.

Crazy Eyes is being harassed by Maureen. 

Piper and C al discuss the panty business. 

Sophia talks to her son on the phone, and is disappointed to find out he was the instigator.

Pennsatucky and Coates feed the ducks, and things quickly get really weird. 

Leann talks to Norma about Soso. 

Flashback: Leann is wearing her English clothes and leaves home. 

Soso tries to connect with Chang. 

Gloria tells Red to stop worrying about the food, and Sophia fails to apologize to Gloria.

Alex goes through Lolly's things, and finds the notebook detailing her schedule.

Piper and Stella discuss the panty business, and continue their flirtation. Stella kisses Piper.



Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

See, I don't believe it. If that lady were getting it on the regular with two dudes, she would not be sweating a rosemary garnish.


Who needs a life? She'll die from eating today's lunch.