Orange is the New Black Review: The Girls Get Busy

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Anybody have a tissue? Or maybe a rock to beat in CO Coates' head?

While Orange is the New Black Season 3 Episode 9 was poignant, my blood was boiling by the end of Orange is the New Black Season 3 Episode 10

Where My Dreidel At? - Orange is the New Black Season 3 Episode 9
A Tittin' and A Hairin' - Orange is the New Black Season 3 Episode 10

I really liked Leanne's back story, but it didn't quite mesh with the character we've known in the past. Besides the lack of a Pennsylvania Dutch accent, she showed a heretofore unseen depth of understanding – both of herself and the world at large. 

Her leadership with Norma's group is a more natural progression of her growth. Leanne started as a mere lackey of mean girl Pennsatucky. When she emerged from that shadow, she was still in search of a leader, joining in on Soso's movement. Now she's the trusted lieutenant who gives valuable advice. Girl is movin' on up.

Leann's story also focused on the big question of the episode: who gets to decide what counts as a religion and who decides who is a legitimate believer. Leanne is shunned by the Amish, the leader of the Catholic organization belittles Norma's group, and MCC brings in a rabbi to disprove inmate's Judaism.  

That's fine, but we still need to deal with the rest of the world and how they see us. And when you come in late, and you call it a f*cking club, you make us all look like a joke. We need to know who we are, or they'll think we're joke


Outside of the religious themes, Crazy Eye's rising popularity has developed into it's own cult. This whole plot is absolutely hilarious. It's ridiculous, but in a believable way. And it's nice to see Crazy Eyes get some appreciation from her fellow inmates. 

I'm not as impressed with the panty selling subplot, but it may just need time to develop. So far, it seems like silly hjinks more than a serious money making business. And the business greatly depends on Piper thinking the other inmates are stupid.

Piper may have offered some good advice to Daya in Orange is the New Black Season 3 Episode 7, but she clearly still doesn't fully grasp her own  privilege. The way she is vastly underpaying her panty girls will come back to bite her in her hot pink cheekies.

In the kitchens, Gloria and Sophia are warring mother bears, and the food is so terrible that Red spends her time making sure everyone knows that it is not her cooking. I loved when she jumped on the counter. 

Who needs a life? She'll die from eating today's lunch.


The way both of those storylines are slowly building is great. Here's hoping either Judy King shows up to fix the meals or the inmates collectively sue MCC. The situation between Gloria and Sophia would be going much smoother without Aleida – all that woman does is stir up trouble. 

"A Tittin' and A Hairin'" brought us the saddest back story ever, crises in several sub plots, and the most hilarious euphemism for puberty ever. 

Who would have thought Pennsatucky would end up as likable as she has? Her mother is an interesting mix of neglect, bad advice, and surprising insight. It's not that anything she tells Pennsatucky is wrong, per se, it's just that it's inappropriate for a ten year old. It's easy to see how she ended up with such an unhealthy understanding of relationships.

Now you're like a case of pop. You've got value.

Pennsatucky's Mom

At least she's had one decent lover in her life. But with the rest of her experiences, I wonder if she even considers what Coates did in the van as rape. If he doesn't get arrested and end up being the downfall of MCC, it'll be an epic failure. Mendez might have been a sadistic asshole, but this guy takes it to a whole new level. 

Speaking of Mendez, he isn't doing so hot in the clink. I understand why Delia appeased him the way she did, but Daya should be asking more questions about his involvement in the baby's life. 

Things got physical between a few inmates in this episode. Alex's frustration with Piper's inattention leads to a life-threatening fight in the bathroom with Lolly. Lolly's crazy statements seem contrived. She's too sane at other times for me to quite believe that she's a paranoid schizophrenic. 

The showdown between Sophia and Gloria is far from down, especially since Aleida's involved. I understand why Sophia might jump to blaming Benny for Michael's behavior, but with his father now a woman, who is in jail, and his mother dating a new man, and puberty...kid should be in therapy. A lot of therapy.

The violence continues with Lorna's penpal friend Vinny. She's started to cut some of the other John's loose, but Vinny gets sent to Christopher's house under false pretenses. While Christopher doesn't deserve this, it's nice to see Lorna has somebody on her side.

Here's hoping things lighten up in the remaining three episodes, and that MCC gets run out town. There's a lot still to resolve, and they need to top the finale of Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 13

Other thoughts: 

  • Maureen: great new friend for Crazy Eyes or crazy over sexed stalker?
  • I'm still bored with the Alex-Piper-Stella triangle
  • Not sure if telling Soso she *is* better than the others is something the American Board of Professional Psychologists would approve of.
  • Red's story was on the back burn in both episodes, but I liked the ways she's trying to cope with the kitchen situation.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section, and come back tomorrow for more OITNB!

Where My Dreidel At Review

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See, I don't believe it. If that lady were getting it on the regular with two dudes, she would not be sweating a rosemary garnish.


Who needs a life? She'll die from eating today's lunch.