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Sarah struggles to keep her loved ones safe when Rachel goes on the warpath. 

Rachel is at the apartment, looking at Helena's handiwork.

Sarah tells Helena to treat Felix with respect. As her step brother he is one of her sisters. Sarah leaves Helena in Felix's care while she goes to see Kira.

Cal being very cool with Kira and a simple conversation about socks is adorable.

Rachel is in need of a new monitor. She requests Paul. She needs a monitor just like all the other clones, although she enjoys privileges.

Rachel decides to stop all stem cell tests on Cosima until Sarah comes in. Until Sarah agrees to play, Cosima will suffer.

Delphine gets stem cell culture results sent to Leekie by mistake. She and Cosima agree they will try any agreeable treatment.

Cal is staying close enough to grab Sarah when she's ready.

Felix takes Helena to see Art. Felix tells her Art wants to help and Helena makes a pig sound at Art.

Henrik and Bonnie have sewn Gracie's lips shut because she wouldn't tell them what really happened with Helena.

Rachel is looking at the video footage of her and her mother that Sarah was screening.

Rachel's position outranks that of Dr. Leekie.

Rachel asks Paul to choose. There's no middle ground. He's either with her or not. He asks her what she needs him to do.

Art wants to know how Maggie Chen found the clones for Helena and what Henrik did to her. She draws in the smog on his fish tank.

Mark takes Gracie some milk and tells her to just confess. He says Helena has to carry the child and kisses her on the cheek.

Helena has very strange taste. Hardboiled eggs, pickles, rice krispie treats and sardines with extra mustard.

Felix has a date with the man from the Morgue and the police bust in with a warrant again... except it's Paul. He's come to plant the gun that killed a cop with Felix's fingerprints.

Gracie tells Henrik that she was going after Helena like going after a coyote that wants to kill their chickens. They inform her that if she can't help them get Helena back, she'll carry the child herself.

Cosima and Delphine are caught looking for the culture by Leekie. He tells them Rachel is obstructing further testing.

The original genome was destroyed in the fire 20 years ago, that's why there is so much secrecy around it. Only a handful of people know that. They lost the map of the genome.

As a gesture of good faith, Leekie decides to disregard Rachel and continue with Cosima's treatment.

Kira tells Cal about the clones. A police officer shows up at the camper and they have a close call, but Kira shows up in a gas mask to throw the cop off.

Helena escaped, but Sarah shows up to find riddles left behind with a chained up Art.

Sarah and Art find a storage locker with photos of the swan man, a term Helena used. LEDA and the swan. Helena said he was playing God. Rachel's dad, one of the creators, might not have died in the explosion.

Sarah looks for something to trade for Felix and sees an empty sniper rifle case and a decapitated Barbie body. Helena is going to kill Rachel.

Helena is outside of Rachel's apartment cutting Barbie's hair to look like Rachel's and putting on lipstick like Rachel is doing.

Rachel is about to get busy with Paul.

Helena kisses the Barbie head as Rachel attempts to seduce Paul. He doesn't seem turned on. When he makes a move for her, Rachel slaps him.

Sarah and Art find Helena's bike across from Rachel's apartment. Helena straps the Barbie head to the rifle and prepares to shoot Rachel as Rachel sits astride a naked Paul.

Sarah tells Helena that Felix is in jail. Helena wants to kill Paul for Sarah.

Helena tells Sarah she only wants to use her and Sarah assures her that's not true, that she's her sister and she thought she lost her, but she came back.

Leekie injects Cosima with the stem cell treatment.

Sarah meets with Leekie to share the news about the Swan Man and ask that he intervene with Felix. He tells her about Cosima and is surprised that they don't share everything.

Paul comes up to Leekie and Leekie says Sarah is on a dangerous trip down memory lane and what she finds there could be dangerous for them all. He tells Paul to visit with him before sharing what he learns with Rachel.

Sarah and Helena go on a road trip to Cold River.

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Fine. I'm sure I've got a Ukrainian folk costume in here somewhere.


Felix: You do realize I'm gonna have to paint this to paint this to come to terms with it.
Sarah: Please stop.
Felix: Yeah, you're right. I mean you shot your evil twin sister dead only to have her rise and gut your sister's henchman. How could I capture the nuance?