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There is riotous rebellion in the streets at the hands of Murtagh. He's tarring and feathering men who he decided treated the locals wrong when they couldn't pay their taxes.

Claire's medical practice is in full swing with Brianna and Marsali aiding her.

A man is brought in by his family. His wife has poisoned him in her attempt to cure him. She also bled him. Bluemass pills are mercury filled. He dies in front of them.

The woman even asks if he needs more blood let to cure him.

Jamie is with the Lieutenant assigned by Tryon to accompany him in his journey to capture Murtagh.

The fella thinks Jamie is a good and prosperous man who can bring men and women together. He hopes that upon seeing Murtagh hanged the governor will grand him a prosperous bit of land, too.

He tosses coins at the poor and gets spit at. He thinks his Majesty's army should always be respected. They should take what is offered and be happy for the protection.

The Lieutenant and Jamie converse about their conflicting and similar beliefs.

Knox seems to want to help assure the townsfolk that they'll be safe.

Claire has given the dead man an autopsy. Brianna almost vomits. If she was ever found out, she'd be in a lot of trouble.

Brianna assures Claire that no one in that time will understand. But if Claire is going to help, she needs to understand what is causing their illnesses. The man died of a burst appendix, something she could easily have fixed.

Claire steps out for air and recognizes a natural talent in Marsali as she carves venison.

They meet with Edmund Fanning who is appalled at what the townsmen have suffered at the hands of the regulators.

Jamie can hardly believe Murtagh went that far, and the stories don't stop with the tarring and feathering.

Three of the regulators have been captured. Jamie goes pale but retains his calm in light of the possibility that he's already caught up with Murtagh.

Jamie wants to have the first word, highlander to highlander. Jamie tries to impart a lot onto the three men with his eyes while his words betray them.

They aren't as keen on Jamie as he might want them to be. He wants to know if what they did was justified, and one of the guys assures him he wishes he had done it to the whole lot.

Knox's anger gets the better of him, and when the man says he's Murtagh Fitzgibbons and spits in his face, Knox runs him through. Jamie screams at Knox. He executed a man without trial.

The other two men are horrified when Jamie defends Knox even for a moment.

Brianna is teaching Roger to shoot. They're shooting at squirrels, and Roger isn't good at it. Tufty Fluffytail teaches children about road safety, and Roger feels like he's trying to kill him.

Roger feels poorly that he's been left behind under the guise of protecting the family when the regulators pose no threat to them there.

A gaggle of turkeys comes into view. Roger fails to bag one, but Brianna gets dinner.

While discussing what he's done, Jamie is shocked that instead of feeling concern over what he's done, Knox is angry that he gave the man a soldier's death that he didn't deserve.

Everyone is at the funeral of the local man when Claire brings Marsali into her autopsy. Her reaction is terrific.

Marsali wonders if she's a witch. Claire assures her she's not and tries to speak plainly to Marsali. Claire ultimately uncovers the man and his open chest cavity. She's certain that Marsali is a perfect apprentice.

When it comes to stitching up the dead man, Marsali finally finds something that interests her.

Jamie gets a weapon and enters the jail to let out the regulators. Jamie apologizes for what Knox did but says he's bound to the governor and that's how he'll save their lives.

The men don't take Jamie's threats idly and promise an army of men will meet any army of Knox's.

The women are making candles, and Claire tries to impart some medical wisdom on them. They want to ingest things for burns, which Claire finds ludicrous. They think she's a fine healer, but the King's Doctor is a learned physician.

Claire sets about writing a newsletter about radical new healing ideas under the guise of Dr. Rawlings.

Knox wants Jamie to gather his militia and return prepared for war.

Claire tests Roger's eyesight. That could be why he's unable to shoot. He's slightly shortsighted in his left eye, so it's either psychological or he's just a terrible shot.

Claire admits to Roger that she hopes they don't stay in the past. It's safer in the future for all three of them. She's trying to make it a safer time, but it's not. And it's her fault they're all here. Claire longs for an antibiotic.

Murtagh has the newly released men at gunpoint. There are two other gentlemen with him.

The regulators have a large and thriving camp.

The boys accuse Murtagh of wavering between two alliances, their fight and his godson.

Murtagh assures them that Jamie stands not with the Crown but with his people, as does Murtagh.

Claire is on a baking spree to try to culture penicillin.

Brianna worries that Claire trying to invent penicillin 156 years before it does in the future will mess with the cosmic balance or break some rule of space and time. Is she playing God?

Claire reminds her daughter that she returned to play God when she returned home to save her parents from the fire. But they have changed a lot being back in time, so let it all be damned.

Roger is playing Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog to his son. Brianna is doing laundry when she saunters by and she's impressed by Roger's parenting.

Inside the cabin, Roger finds Brianna's drawings, including some of Bonnet in various stages of darkness.

That moment is interrupted with Jemmy's first steps.

Two women are beating the shit out of each other in a fighting pit.

Bonnet is amongst the crowd.

Bonnet has been discreetly moving items on the black market to avoid levies.

Another man confronts Bonnet as a cheat. A sword fight is the next item on the docket. The man yields to Bonnet, who blinds him by poking out his eyes. He considered killing him, but he's got to set a good example because he's a father now.

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Outlander Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Knox: I admire a man who puts duty and honor above all else.
Jamie: Then you admire a man who'd rather starve than dishonor his own conscience.
Lieutenant: Do I detect some sympathy there for the regulators, Colonel Fraser?
Jamie: I have sympathy for any man who can't afford to eat, Lieutenant. Your generosity of coins tells me you have some, as well.
Knox: I do believe it is right to give to those in need. And I suppose it is reasonably true that there is never a convenient time for death or taxes.
Jamie: Now do I suspect some sympathy for the regulators, Lieutenant.

I can only hope one day to be granted a parcel of land that's half as prosperous as yours. Perhaps when we catch Fitzgibbons and see him hanged. Perhaps then, the governor will be so kind.