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Bonnet is having dinner with his lawyer, who is asking Bonnet to lay low if he wants to get custody of his son.

The attorney, Mr. Forbes, has it all figured out in essentially the same way Jamie saw it going down.

Jocasta humiliated Forbes, who wants 20% of River Run when Jemmy inherits it after an unfortunate accident for Jocasta and her hubby.

The family is talking about getting rid of Bonnet for the greater good. Claire doesn't trust Wiley.

It's all going down in the next two days.

Claire is having a syringe made, and the glassmaker is asking a lot of questions.

Jamie, Roger, and Ian are setting their plan in motion while Claire and Brianna search for medicinal supplies on the beach.

Roger has decided that he wants to be the one to kill Bonnet now. He was once against the idea, but the more time he's had to sit with it, the more he wants to eradicate their problem himself.

Claire and Bree see some whales just off the beach. They discuss Moby Dick and the eradication of whales by whalers by the end of the 19th Century. Then they race on the beach like they used to do when Bree was little.

Bree wants to run in the water, so the two women split up.

Although they're seemingly enjoying their time, it seems as ominous as the darkening skies above them.

Bonnet didn't show. Lackies were sent to inspect the whiskey instead. The situation goes amuck.

Bonnet is at the beach. He spotted them in Wilmington.

Bonnet gets Claire into a chokehold and threatens to shoot Bonnet, but he holds Claire as a shield. It's his son and Bree that he wants, not Claire. That situation goes south quickly.

Claire wakes up on the beach. Bree and Bonnet are gone.

Bonnet pretends like he and Bree are old buddies. He has a chest for Jemmy. Claire meets up with the men and gives them the news.

Brianna is dressed in a gown she's gotten from Bonnet, and he's arranged dinner, ridiculously pleased with himself.

Bonnet suggests that Bree could teach him to be a better man. Once she gets a handle on his thoughts, she begins her training.

It's not as easy as she planned as Bonnet begins talking about feelings and how her past actions have made him feel.

He wants her to teach him how to love.

She decides to read for him like she reads to Jeremiah. She opens a book and begins to read, but she's riffing on Moby Dick instead of reading.

The story of Moby Dick and the white whale fits with her situation with Bonnet. He wants her to tell him the end of the story.

Bonnet cries, telling his tale of life as an orphan without a mother or father. He wonders how he could comfort Jemmy. He begs for the answer.

When she tells him, Bonnet grabs her. He wants her to show him.

She says a lady would go to bed alone. He looks forward to bidding her good morning.

In the morning, Bonnet has had breakfast prepared. He pulls out her chair, calling her milady.

Bree tries to get away from Bonnet, using the excuse of returning to get Jemmy so that they can be together. Bonnet really can't be that dumb, right? When she fails to kiss him passionately, he's onto it. He let his feelings cloud his judgment.

Bonnet decides to have sex with the maid to show Bree what she's missing.

How embarrassing.

All of the memories of her rape come flooding back.

Bree appeals to the whore, but the whore isn't stupid. She knows crossing Bonnet wouldn't be good for her future.

Forbes visits Jocasta. She wants him to help her bestow some gifts upon her family. That takes him by surprise. They're going to talk about the fortune.

Claire and Jamie visit the whorehouse together. Claire doesn't have a way with them any more than Bree had with the whore at Bonnet's house.

Forbes almost busts a gut when Jocasta says she'd like to give Roger and Bree 1000 pounds.

Forbes is beyond and begins strangling Jocasta. But her man saves her and breaks Forbes' neck.

Mistress is out cold, but she awakes at his tears.

Claire is speaking with the woman who was at the house who says she doesn't know Bonnet. But when Claire sees the woman is in pain, Claire offers to help.

The woman's left leg is longer than her right. So Claire says that if she gets a lift for her shoes, she should find her pain eliminated.

Bonnet has Bree up for sale but stops the man from striking Bree.

She's sold for six pounds.

Bree tries to appeal on Jemmy's behalf, but Bonnet feels confident he can take care of his son now.

Her sale dissolves when her family comes to the rescue.

Roger is chasing Bonnet and beating the sand out of him.

Roger stops at killing, but they tie up Bonnet on the beach.

Bree wants to take Bonnet to Wilmington so that the law can judge him. They hope Tryon will see Bonnet condemned.

Bonnet gets a groovy death sentence by drowning. How they do it is by hanging the men by posts in the water while they wait for the tide to rise.

Everyone gets bored watching the proceedings and leave before he's even dead.

Bonnet spots someone on the beach. It's Brianna. She shoots him in the head.

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Outlander Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Bonnet: When we're at River Run, we'll have better servants to do this for us.
Bree: You mean slaves.
Bonnet: Is it the master of the house that's supposed to do it?

I want to do right by you and him -- to be a real father.