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Roger gives a sermon while Malva watches Jamie and Claire, smiling at their obvious connection.

Roger noticed a couple didn't come to church, and they never miss a service. Claire offers to check on them, wondering if Malva and Lizzie might want to join. Bree chuckles, noting that Malva has been glued to Claire since she started sharing her craft with the girl. Claire is pleased with Malva's assistance, but she misses Marsali. They all miss the family.

Things are not right at the MacNeill house. It smells awful and the crows are circling. The children are near death and the baby barely breathes. They're all alive, but they aren't doing well. The baby and Mrs. MacNeill won't take water.

Claire curses, and Lizzie begs her to stop. They need to pray not curse. The baby dies and Mrs. MacNeill shortly follows. One by one, they're dying.

Claire finds an amoeba that's been causing the flux. Malva is transfixed. Claire doesn't have anything that can help other than herbs. It's likely a contaminated water source, and they need to gather samples as others are falling ill.

Malva insists on going with Claire as she visits the ill.

The new cemetery is filling up fast, and their only hope for salvation drops ill at the latest funeral. Claire has run herself ragged and caught the flux.

Allan comes to gather Malva late in the night, but Malva won't leave her.

Everyone takes turns caring for Claire as she suffers with the illness.

Malva makes some tea for Jamie, who recalls that Claire made it for him when he almost lost his leg. Malva shares a story about a snakebite one of the settlers suffered. He didn't come to see Claire because he didn't want anyone knowing, and he thinks Claire a witch. Malva doesn't think so, and she wants to be just like Caire. Kind and knowledgeable.

Malva asks after Jamie's grandsire, Lord Lovat. He says he comes from a long line of thieves and bastards, but Malva doesn't believe a fine gentleman like him could come from that.

While she sleeps, Claire has visions of the amoeba, a snake, and a heart. Everything is muffled for her.

Finally, Claire wakes. She wakes to a haircut. Malva and another woman cut it off believing that's what you do for a serious fever. Claire worries about Jamie seeing her, but he's already seen it and cried.

Nobody has fallen ill in the last week. Claire can't believe she's been out so long.

Bree is so happy that Claire is awake and shares some good news with her mother about a new grandchild on the way.

Bree gives Claire a proper haircut, but her hair is quite the topic of conversation before she's caught up on the latest news of the illness.

Claire and Jamie tease each other about her hair and the size of her ass, but Claire was concerned about her dreams, which were nothing like when she lost Faith.

Once she's well, Claire heads to see Tom, who is shocked at her appearance. She thought he'd be pleased after chiding her about her hatless head. He says she looks like a monk and offers her a chair.

He can't believe she walked all the way to him in her enfeebled health to ask after his. But she has come to tell him that she wasn't afflicted by the same thing others on the Ridge had. Tom didn't have it, either. They had headaches, weakness, fever, and extraordinarily unpleasant dreams.

She wonders how they both had the same illness. Given the nature of their illness, she wonders how they both had it. She wants a sample of his fecal matter, and Tom is highly offended. He will see her home and hopes that she'll reconsider asking such vile questions.

Once home, Claire is chided by Jamie for wandering off. She shares what she discovered about her and Tom's illnesses. He's worried that her wedding ring is loose, and she doesn't want to lose it.

Jamie tells Claire that without her, the sun would no longer come up or go down.

Claire wakes later to Jamie on the floor. He didn't want to trouble her sleep. He never wants to leave her side, at least not for a couple of months. He heard from the Sons of Liberty, and he's been asked to speak at their next meeting. Claire has been  on the receiving end of his powers of persuasion, so understands the demand.

Jamie finds Claire's short hair very arousing. He admires so much about her. Her bravery, kindness, and cleanliness. But she's not much of a cook. Her most endearing trait is that she thinks he's funny, he says. But the reality of it is her faithfulness is her most endearing trait. Right back at 'cha, she says.

Things went back to normal around the Ridge in the wake of the illness. They are blissfully unaware that the revolution is edging closer.

Claire sends Roger with Jamie when it's time to travel for his speech. She imagines that Roger will love the historical aspect of it. Moments later, Tom Christie arrives to speak with them, Malva and Allan in tow. He's not pleased.

Malva is pregnant and won't name the father save in Claire's presence. Malva names Jamie, with a wretched display. Jamie is shocked, but Claire wonders what the hell Malva is talking about. Allan slugs Jamie, and Tom pulls her off. Malva spits out that it was while she was caring for Claire. She has concocted an incredibly detailed story about it that coincides with Claire's dream of Jamie and Malva in the window.

Claire cries as Malva continues and slaps Malva after her ridiculous tirade. Tom and Jamie try to sort it out, but Malva then tosses out what she knows of his naked body, and Jamie is stymied. Tom just asks for a contract and for his grandchild to be a formal heir.

Jamie refuses to apologize for something he hasn't done, and Claire is angry that he doesn't have more faith in her faith in him. She tells him about the window. She though it was an hallucination. But if he can do that and lie about it, then she's not ready to commit to such a thing. None of them should be here, but here they all are, all because she loved him more than the life that she had. She believed he loves her in the same way. And he does, and she knows it. Unless he says it's not the truth.

It's then that he admits to laying with someone. Only once, and when she was gone. He doesn't want to admit it. Mary McNab. She wonders who the hell is Mary McNab? He tells her the whole story. Mary knew of their love, but she gave him tenderness and he the same for her. He was worried that Claire wouldn't understand, but he was wrong.

Malva's biggest mistake was not realizing that Jamie would never turn his back on his blood no matter how it came into the world. They need to find the truth before daybreak because everyone will believe Malva.

Bree and Roger try to figure out why Malva did this. Roger says either she doesn't want to marry the real father or she is gong after Jamie's money.

Bree recalls meeting Frank's lover, Sandy, and Roger assures her the situations were quite different. But Bree thought Frank loved Claire as much as she believes Jamie does. But she was wrong.

Claire visits Malva, trying to understand. She assures Malva that the girl knows nothing of love or their relationship, and she believes Jamie completely. She cares about Malva, a clever young woman full of curiosity. She urges Malva to tell the truth. Just as Malva is preparing to tell Claire, Allan comes out the door discussing potions. Malva then turns on Claire again, accusing her non-verbally of witchcraft.

Claire tells Malva to stay away from her family.

Ian is out with a bunch of the young guys when a fight breaks out. Later, he's got something to say about it to Claire. The baby could be his. There were so many things to attract Malva to him, and he wanted to feel again. But Ian later told Malva that he still loved Emily, and it couldn't happen again. Claire thinks there are many other possibilities, and she doesn't want Ian to marry her, especially not quickly.

But the damage was done, and they lived under a cloud of darkness after that. While Jamie was off discussing the revolution, the Ridge was mounting a rebellion of its own.

Two months later, Claire has a cute bob. Jamie and Roger return with tales of alcohol the likes the two have never seen. Roger is very impressed with Jamie's bold speech about liberty, but Jamie wasn't given a seat at the congressional table since tales of his indiscretion followed him to Philadelphia.

Everyone has treated Claire terribly. She kept believing that it would pass, but the way she says it, you know it's not going to come to pass.

Claire checks outside the clinic, closing the shade. Inside, she hears a man's voice telling her he's here so she needn't be lonely. Claire immediately turns to ether, taking a mask full of it to the bed. Someone is knocking at the door. It's Malva, and she scares Claire. Malva says she knows that Claire is dying and coming back, and it's work of the devil. And then she taunts Claire for aging, saying that she'll take everything that is Claire's will be hers. Claire pulls a scalpal, threatening Malva.

But was it all a dream? She wakes, and something feels off.

Claire heads to the garden to gather some herbs. Malva is dead in the weeds nearby, her throat slit. Claire worries about the baby, splitting Malva apart to see if she can save the baby. It, too, is dead.




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Outlander Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

You look a bit like a ghost, Sassenach. Havena slept for days and hardly pause for food.


Claire: I'm getting terribly tired of funerals.
Jamie: I'm sorry we havena found out what's causing the sickness, but we willna give up.