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Well, here we are getting a look at Malva's lying confession to the entire church about Jamie taking advantage of her.

Tom and Allan have joined Claire and Jamie in the garden. Not surprisingly, Allan is blaming Claire, and Tom, too, believes that Claire did it.

Tom wanted to know if Malva would have had a chance to pray for forgiveness. Since she didn't, he'll bury Malva and her child in the woods like the sinner she was. Jamie refuses that option and offers to have her on his property.

It's a terrible situation that nobody can clearly grasp.

Claire is losing her tether to reality. She's recalling knocking on heavy doors and that nasty man Lionel Brown. She heads to the alcohol and downs a glass before Jamie comes to join her.

He's doing his best to keep things levelheaded. Even as Claire wonders who could have done this, she seems not to know it wasn't her.

People want to see the dead lass; Mr. Crombie in particular. Mrs. Bug has loose lips. She speaks cruely in front of Claire.

Hiram has brought Mr. Christie's bible for the service.

He also brought a lot of vile language, which the ghost of Lionel continues with Claire in the kitchen. Everything he says is what Claire believes, including that she's guilty and that she effectively killed Frank for staying with him when she should have gone.

Nobody can go out of the house alone, including Lizzie. Jamie worries for all of them.

Mr. Henderson has arrived. He's the fella who bedded Malva. Roger tries to pry it out of him, but he doesn't take it well. The conversation falls apart from there with accusations from all sides.

Lizzie lied about feeding Gideon, and she apologizes to him before Ian comes in to talk about her. he asks after the Beardsleys. I think Lizzie was with them, and Jamie will be asking why they weren't with Ian. Ian begs her to tell him what she knows.

The sineater was the man whose fingers Malva clipped.

Roger and Bree wonder how Perry Mason would handle the compounding mystery. Who had the means, motive, and opportunity. Claire says she fits that bill.

She has the feeling like you get when you leave the house, thinking that you left the oven on. And you know it's not logical, but you wonder if you don't turn around, will this be the time the house burned down?

Then Claire tells Jamie about the ether and her dream while under.

Claire cannot shake Lionel, even crying in bed as he sits across the room.

Claire doesn't know who or what she is now, and she's added witch and murderer (murderess, Lionel says) to the list after wife, mother, etc.

Ian tells Jamie that Lizzie is pregnant by one or both of the Beardsley brothers. She has no idea which one. Jamie will see Lizzie wed.

Now Jemmy thinks all dead people turn into ghosts and that his grandma is the one who turns them to ghosts.

Lizzie describes how it happened with the Beardsleys. It was when they were caring for her with the malaria. Claire says she doesn't think you can mistakenly have two men at once. She gets so explicit. They're identical everywhere. They were slippery with the ointment and naked under the quilts. It happened and has kept on happening. It feels so nice. She likes it. She feels safe.

Claire says Lizzie can't marry them both, so she's going to have to make a choice. But they're so happy, Lizzie says.

Roger confronts Mr. Bug, who terrified Jemmy.

Roger is worried about how God sees him since he killed a man. Jamie points out that in the Greek and Hebrew texts, it said thou shall not murder, not though shall not kill. There is a difference.

Roger is also worried about how people will see him if he doesn't join the war, but Jamie isn't worried.

Claire's subconscious keeps nagging her in the guise of Lionel. She even brings up Bree's attack in the bar and Lizzie with two men. She grasps the ether, although since she has nightmares, it's hard to understand why. She hears Gellis, Frank, and others telling her how things are all her fault.

The funeral service has few attendants. As Malva is taken out by pallbearers, Claire picks up the bairn. Allan freaks, blaming them all for what happened to them both.

Jamie marries Lizzie to one of the Beardsleys and sends the other away until after the baby is born.

Roger finally admits he wants to make preaching his new calling. He plans on attending a Presbytery in Edenton.

Bree reminds him that she's Catholic. They'll start packing tomorrow and leave as soon as they can.

Claire goes to get more tea. She doth protest too much about it, but Jamie doesn't follow.

Claire says morning to Lizzie, but Lizzie isn't happy. She doesn't want Joziah to go away. That's when she tells Claire that she knocked at the door the day Malva died, freeing Claire's mind of what she has put herself through. Her ghost has gone.

Claire puts the ether and mask away. And then he's back. Lionel says it doesn't matter if she killed Malva or not because she led the girl to her grave.

So much walking in the house and interestingly lit scenes of long hallways. Even the way that Lizzie walked across across the porch evoked eerie images.

But now Jamie wants to know what the heck is going on, so Claire tells him she thinks she's going crazy. She doesn't recognize herself. She feels a darkness inside. She feels like the darkness that led her to think that she might want to kill Malva into madness. She admits that Lionel is taunting her and it's only ether than drowns him out.

Compartmentalizing is the only way she has ever known now to cope. But now the floodgates have opened. She thinks everything is her fault because she changed things. Her selfishness for coming to this time, for desperately wanting to be with Jamie.

Jamie reminds her of all of the things that her selfishness brought to so many. But Claire is so worried that she'll never be clear. Jamie wants to stand beside her.

Lizzie, the little scamp, goes to Roger so he'll marry her and Josiah. That means that she'll be handfast to both Beardsleys. The next morning, Claire and Jamie learn what Roger did. Roger is kind of OK with it. And off they go to Edenton.

While Claire and Jamie are preparing for breakfast when a militia arrives to arrest Claire.

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Outlander Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Hiram: Ye sinned in the eyes of the Lord. Did yer wife forge ya for lyin' wi' a flower-faced Scottish lass? No, Mr. Fraser. Would ever man be swift to hear and slow to anger. Are we all to suffer on the Ridge because you regret marryin' a jealous English woman with a sharp tongue and even sharper knives? Did your wife forgive Malva?
Jamie: If you value your life, choose your next words wisely, Mr. Crombie.

Tom: What are we doing to stand up and say about her, eh?
Claire: That Malva Christie was full of life and light, that there was fire in her eyes. And when I held her tiny baby, I felt that same light in him.
Tom: But, the state of the body.
Claire: I'll take care of her.