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When the government is shut down, Leslie attempts to put on the Freddy Spaghetti concert herself.  As per Ann's idea, she uses the empty lot (formerly the pit) and sets up everything using money donated by local businesses.  However, when Freddy is booked by another gig, Leslie gets desperate for a musician.  Andy agrees to perform, and hops on his new motorcycle to go pick up his guitar, but gets in an accident on the way home.  Hilariously, Leslie attempts to sing herself until Freddy shows up out of nowhere.  Turns out Ben personally paid for Freddy to show up.  Nice.

In relationship land, Andy finally tells April how he feels, but she turns down a date because she thinks he's still in love with Ann. Speaking of Ann, Chris continues to pursue Ann, but she's reluctant to get into a relationship.  That is until she's nurse to Andy, who she kisses.  At the end, April decides she wants to date Andy and visits him at the hospital and kisses him.  Honest Andy then tells April about the kiss with Ann and she runs away.

Also, Mark accepts a job in the private sector and he and Leslie have a cute moment together as he says his goodbye.  He leaves her with plans to build her dream park on the lot.  Ron, who was on the board for budget cuts, ends up giving his spot to Leslie who comes in with some ideas at the very end.

Things for Tom seem to be going well with Lucy, but at the end of the episode it's revealed that Ron is banging Wendy, Tom's ex-wife.  Drama for next season?


Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 2 Episode 23 Quotes

Got a really good deal on my lease. Paying like 12 percent interest. That's like one of the highest you can get.


Andy: How long is it going to last?
Ron: If we're lucky this building will be empty for months.