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Two state auditors, Chris (Rob Lowe) and Ben (Adam Scott) come to the Parks department to slash the budget.  Leslie initially blows them off, while Ron takes glee in the fact they'll be slashing budgets and decreasing government.  Ben makes repeated attempts to break through to Leslie and eventually gets her to come out for a beer.  They bond over the fact he was a mayor at age 18, where he screwed up his small town.   Possible love interest?  At the end of the episode, Paul breaks the news they'll be temporarily shutting down the entire Pawnee government to save money.

Meanwhile, it's April's 21st birthday and Tom throws her a party at the Snakehole Lounge.  Tom invites every girl he knows and after buying them all drinks is left alone, settling his tab with Lucy (Natalie Morales).  At least the poor guy scores a date with Lucy. 

Andy plans on making his big move on April now that she's 21, but gets distracted by a drunk Ann, who heavily flirts with him after breaking up with Mark.  April attempts to make him jealous by flirting with Jean-Ralphio, but it just makes Andy think she doesn't like him.  In the end, it turns out Ann made out with Chris.

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Parks and Recreation Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Call me a romantic, but I believe by the end of the night I will have between one and four new girlfriends.


Tom: Do not miss tonight's April Ludgate birthday bash. 9 o'clock p.m. At the world famous Snakehole Lounge. The place the Pawnee Journal has called, "The sexiest, most dangerous club in town."
Leslie: That's not what they wrote.
Tom: Fine. I added the word sexiest. But, we've hired better security.