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Leslie and Ben are disgruntled by Gryzzl's presence in their neighborhood. In the middle of their dismay, they receive a gift package from Gryzzl. 

The package is eerily perfect for Leslie - and Ben thinks that Gryzzl may be invading their privacy. They hold a public forum for the residents of the town, and realize that many of them agree with their discovery. 

Gryzzl has been doing a lot of data mining mixed with direct advertising and marketing. Leslie has finally found her way to combat Gryzzl's presence and bid for the land. She even has Donna on her side. 

Ron says that he doesn't have an opinion about Gryzzl - that he's just a private contractor. Leslie believed that Ron would be outraged by the invasion of privacy, considering that he doesn't even carry around permanent pictures of his children. 

After talking to Ron, Leslie and Ben infiltrate Gryzzl undercover.

Tom is Andy's new manager and tries to get him a pay raise. It doesn't quite work out. Hank thinks he's way above Andy's pay-grade, and that he's already compensating him enough. He offers better parking spots at the most. 

April connects with a girl named Jen, one of the new interns. She tells her to quit the internship and do something she loves. She needs to be reminded about how much the intern actually helped her mature. 

The Gryzzl people knew it was Leslie and Ron the entire time but gave them a tour anyway. The head of Gryzzl outright agreed to data-mining and that there's nothing wrong with it.

The gang takes their case to People's Court. Ron comes just in time to point out that there is an addendum that actually allows Gryzzl to data mine. The small bit of information is hidden deep inside walls and walls of text, and had a page number corresponding with Star Wars, so Ben was doubly confused when confronted with it. 

Hank, Andy's boss, doesn't take well to their demands. Hank rants off more brags about his accomplishments, although some of them aren't really all that impressive. Andy says he wants rights to his character, and doesn't budge from that request. This was more than Tom bargained for, but he had to do something to make it happen. 

Judge Perd is not a judge.

Leslie tries to present the negatives of Gryzzl's invasive policies, but their leader plays it off pretty smoothly. Ben interrupts the trial to plead the case himself. He says that Gryzzl knows that what they're doing is wrong, yet unavoidable. He says that the Internet has become a necessity, and that Gryzzl has taken advantage of that fact. He asks them to practice transparent business practices. 

Judge Perd can't find his judge hammer and declares the situation a mistrial. 

In order to get Andy his deal, Tom privately breaks down and cries to Hank.

Back at his restuarant, Tom talks to his new friend, Lucy. She's broken up with her boyfriend. 

Ron arrives at Ben and Leslie's door in the rain and thunder, with a shot down drone. He says he was okay with their invasion of privacy until they somehow got information about his four year old son, and sent a robot to give him a gift.

He wants to joins forces with Leslie because that robot tried to gift his son.


Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

I mean $100 bucks a week is pretty fair.


Leslie: Right now, my basic arguement is: 'give us the land, that would be nice.'