Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 5 and 6 Review: Rally to Save JJ's

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Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 5 and Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 6 see Donna and Tom treatin' themselves in 2017, while Ron and Leslie team up again for the first time in years. Plus, flying robots are shot down, and Andy does karate. 

It's becoming more and more apparent that this final season was written with the assigned scheduling in mind – there's more cohesion than usual between each episode. Just like last week, these two segments build upon themselves rather well.

With Gryzzl still being the central focus of all of Leslie's current problems, it make sense that it took some perseverance and determination to get through to them.

When she first received the gift bag from heaven via flying robot from hell, she thought nothing of it. Ben's astute observation gave Leslie an in to try and tackle Gryzzl in the court of Public Opinion, with (not a) Judge Perd.

Extremely well put.

Judge Perd

Ron wasn't initially on board – which surprised me, considering the grave invasion of privacy data-mining presented. However, his reasoning as a private contractor did make some sense.

Regardless, Gryzzl did Leslie's job of converting Ron for her, and sent her a furious, and wet, Ron standing in the pouring rain, with ominous thunder and lightening clashing overhead, declaring that:

This is a flying robot that I just shot out of the sky when it tired to deliver me a package.


Their collaboration did prove to be fruitful in the end – when they finally formed a partnership with Gryzzl to improve Pawnee rather than overtake it. Dennis Feinstein is still an awful human being, who manages to anger a whole crowd of people with one word:


Dennis Feinstein

Even getting sprayed with "the hound" didn't stop the gang, as Ron and Leslie continued the charge to save JJ's. 

And it was really up to them, considering that April wasn't all there. Here attempts at trying to get Jen to quit the internship were misguided, and it took Craig of all people to remind her of that. She's grown, and learned, a whole lot because of the Parks department.

Tom and Donna were off celebrating the long-awaited 2017 treat your self day, and it went off without a hitch.

All the sushi is made by fish, previously owned by celebrities.


Donna even managed to squeeze in some good relationship advice for Tom and his troubles with Lucy. Advice that Tom was smart enough to follow, and finally turn the other page with his new (girl?)friend. 

And to think he was going to permanently give Craig his job.

I wish my reign had lasted longer -- but I'm happy with the decisions I made, and the people I fired.


It was Ron who got the last laugh in the end – making Leslie fester in her own uncertainty for three full hours before revealing the good news. She went through about three different phases off calling him a "jerk" before giving him the fiercest hug to date. 

It was great to see Ron not only work with Leslie, but have fun.

Also they called three hours ago, and said they approved the plans.


Watch Parks and Recreation online to see how the show continues to do a great job week after week during it's final stretch. 

Leave your thoughts down below – what we're your favorite scenes? Are you excited that Andy's got rights to Johnny (and Jonathan) Karate now? And head over to Parks and Recreation quotes to catch up on more hilarious scenes from tonight's double does of Leslie Knope. 

Save JJ's Review

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Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Ron: I'm not a spy, and I would not reveal classified information -
Ben: Do you have to say that every time?
Ron: Yeah.

I got something big and exciting. All I need is a blimp --