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Jennifer Barkley preps Ben and Leslie for their upcoming campaign. She wears a poncho to avoid being attacked by their children. She warns Leslie of husband's whose wives are way too smart.

April reveals to Ron that she's going to move to Washington, D.C. for the new job. Ron is curt, and only asks for his spare key back.

When Ben is talking to the press, Leslie gets her first taste of being attacked publicly. She critiqued for her lack of family values because she refused to participate in "pie-mary," a female pie baking contest. 

Leslie eventfully decides to compromise her morals and attend the competition. However, she's approached at her home by a women who works for an organization that defends womens' rights. 

Leslie is torn between helping out Ben or sticking to her morals and making a statement. 

April reveals to Ron that the key is missing, and Ron is up to the challenging puzzle. They ask Donna to fill in the missing pieces. 

Ben suggests that he play his own wife, and bake the pie for the contest. He then suggests that he make it a calzone pie instead of a normal one, because he's great at making calzones. 

Gerry is fishing for his keys in the sewer grates as Donna watches. While the talk, Gerry drops his ring down there as well. 

Ron, April, and Andy continue the chase down to the basement, and then after a "racist ghost with black hair."

Ben's entry to the contest is interrupted by Male Men protest groups who believe that behind every successful woman is an oppressed man. They think Ben has been forced into his position as the cook, and as second to Leslie's goals and derail the event. 

Leslie, Ben, and Jen watch the various groups (women for women, men for men, and women against feminism) on TV arguing about this scenario. Jen instructs them to just put on their plainest outfits, and then apologize to the public. 

Ron, Leslie and April hid a dead end and Ron tells April to meet him in his office. 

Ben introduces Leslie to the press waiting for their statement, and Leslie attempts to get out an apology for not participating in the pie backing contest. However, before she compromise her morals, Ben steps in to relieve her of that burden. 

Ben claims that he loves his wife just the way she is -- fiercely independent and with a strong belief in her morals. Leslie defends Ben and also touchs on the way the media asks them the most pointless and repetitive questions. 

Ben and Leslie teach the press a lesson, and get equal amounts of boos and cheers in the end. 

Ron lets April know that he will miss her, and that the spare key has been useless since 16 days after he gave it to her. He was just up for the puzzle, which he couldn't solve. 

April remembers where she hid the key -- under a large tree that reminds her off Ron, and where Ron has supposedly hid a large amount of gold a few years prior himself.

Elise comes to thank Ben and Leslie for their speeches, and then offers Ben the award for woman of the year, rather than Leslie. 

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Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Andy: Ohh babe you had a crush on me, that's emabrassing!
April: We're married.
Andy: Still!

It's an impossible puzzle, and I love puzzles!