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Leslie is prepping April for their business trip to Washington, D.C.

April is upset about having to go to Washington without Andy, and doesn't know how to tell Leslie that she wants to leave her job at some point. She's even more upset about the fact that she has no idea what she wants to do outside of this job.

Andy decides to be proactive and enlist Ben's help to find his wife the job of her dreams. They go and meet Ron at his company and discover that he actually has a brother who he's never told anyone about. His brother didn't even know that he worked at the Parks department.

Leslie smothers April with more advice and guidance on how to make it in politics, without considering that that isn't what April wants to do with her life. She makes them matching t-shirts and April dreads the thought of getting on the flight with her. 

Ron says that April could be project manager if she joined. The job seems to fill at least one of her requirements, but not all. 

Leslie and April accomplish what they came to do and then Leslie goes on a tour of the city, dragging April along for the ride. They pester every senator from John McCain onwards, and then Leslie finally pushes April to the point that she reveals her true feelings. 

Ron, Ben and Andy go to Ben's old office to try again. The job involves creative problem solving and firing people so it could be a fit for April. There are, however, other, more qualified candidates for the position so the group tries to figure out how exactly to get her the position.  

April makes it clear that she just stumbled into this career in politics, and that it might be for her. She reveals that Andy and Ben have been helping her look for a way out of this field of work. 

Leslie is distraught at the idea of Ben going behind her back, and even more upset that this is the first time she's hearing of any sort of complaint or dissatisfaction on April's end. Leslie was just getting ready to embrace the idea of their life in Washington, D.C. together, but now she has to reevaluate everything. 

Leslie seeks advice on how to deal with the April situation. 

The entire gang, including Donna and Gerry, put their heads together to come with a game plan to get April the job. 

However, Andy takes it on himself to try and convince Ben's old boss that night without anyone's help. He uses firecrackers and an April mask, and it doesn't go over well.

Fortunately, April baring her hear tto Leslie got Leslie on board with the idea of her protege finding her own path. Leslie has the same idea as the rest of April's friends, and goes out of her way to try find April the job of her dreams. She connects April with a hiring agency so that she can solve all of her career problems in one go. 


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