Parks and Recreation Review: April Finds Her Passion

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Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 8 and Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 9 focus on our beloved April as she battles with her career-driven identity crisis. 

She has no need to worry though, her goof ball of a husband, and her relentlessly driven mentors, would never let her waiver from the path to success.

Almost everyone wound up finding a way to pitch on this quest to find April her dream job. That is, except for Tom, who was noticeably absent from the happenings throughout both episodes. 

I can only imagine how helpful Tom's typical brainstorming would've been if he was around, but thankfully Donna and the rest were there to do their part. They wasted no time in, not only scouting out potential positions, but also preparing a "hire April" campaign that eventually did get her an offer from Ben's old co-workers. 

April's stipulations are hard to come by, so she got lucky that she had more than option to pursue tonight.  

Andy's self-driven plan, although admirable, almost ruined any chances of her getting a shot at working with Ben's old co-workers, but Ron and Ben went the extra mile in securing her the offer.

Of course, this was only to be left sitting awkwardly after April reveals that she found a new position through Leslie's guidance. But hey, it's the thought that counts right? And I'm sure April appreciated the efforts.

She was actually able to thank, in (almost) all seriousness, her two biggest mentors, before the hour was through. 

I just want to say thank you, and I love you very much. Which is why I decided not to turn you into a sea urchin, which I can do, because I'm an actual witch, with powers, and I'm evil, and -


April doesn't usually let her guard down but, as always, there are sure signs of her maturing. The impact she's had on Leslie, and especially Ron, could not have been anymore apparent.  

Because this tree is strong and quite, and always there when you need it. Or whatever.


I'm glad Ron didn't hold a grudge or any sort of ill-will towards April after finding out that she was skipping town for her new job. Instead, he took the opportunity to spend more time with her via scavenger hunt for the old (and useless) spare key. 

As he made sure to mention when looking for a potential job for her, Ron thinks April is an exceptional person. He's glad she wants to move away from local politics – a step in the right direction, according to Mr. Swanson – and just wants to make the best of their time together.

I change my locks every 16 days. That key's been useless since the 2nd Tuesday I gave it to you.


Ron wasn't the only one reminiscing this episode, as we saw Donna and Gerry get to spend some rare time together taking a stroll down memory lane (which is actually located alongside the very river that Gerry fell into when trying to retrieve his drifting burrito). Donna may have been laughing at Gerry's expensive to some degree, but she also to proved to be a wonderful friend come morning.

However, I don't think she'll get over how white-washed Gerry's flawless life with his gorgeous wife and kids is. 

Gerry: Gale might even call me the "b" word. Bozo.
Donna: Wow, we are very different people.

Ben and Leslie rounded out the episodes by pushing both their careers yet another step forward. Leslie got an offer in Washington, D.C. that she can now accept, considering that her husband is running for office, and Ben tapped into a new market of voters – feminists. 

I thought it was great how he tried to enter his sweet calzone in to the contest rather than a pie, and his following instance that he loves Leslie the way she is and doesn't think that she needs to apologize, was just icing on the cake. 

I'm sure Leslie loved the support from her husband, but she sure could've done without him stealing her award at the end there!

Elise: Congratulations Ben, we'd like to name you woman of the year.
Leslie: Son of a bitch!

Leslie's been a great resource and influence on April, and watching that woman power through her days with fierce, and unrelenting, preservation, is more than likely the reason April is now able to go out on her own. 

There was just nothing she ever did to indicate that politics was her area of expertise, or interest. And there is nothing that dictates that she can't focus her passion towards a more rewarding experience. 

I just fell backwards into your world, a couple years went by, and now here I am.


Watch Parks and Recreation online to see how Leslie and Ron finally fulfill their roles as mother and father, and joint mentors of their joint protege, April. Head over to Parks and Recreation quotes in order to recap on any other highlights from these two episodes, and feel free to leave a comment down below with your favorite moment. 

There was definitely plenty to love this week. 

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