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It’s Homecoming weekend, and parents flock to Stansfield.

Zeke stresses about the big rivalry basketball game, while Jabari continues to be suspicious of Tariq and his relationship with Carrie.

Effie approaches Tariq about helping her sell coke that weekend, but he tells her he’s out of the game.

Tariq tells Brayden that they are not getting into the coke business but after 2-Bit stops by and demands money from him, forcing Tariq to work with Effie.

Jabari follows Tariq through the city and sees him meeting up with Dru to exchange money.

Cane sends a GTG member to Stansfield to kill Tariq at the basketball game. When Tariq goes to meet 2-Bit, the gang member attacks Tariq and 2-Bit kills him. Later that evening, GTG comes for Zeke, who’s on his way home from the club, and attempts to shoot him in the leg before being stopped by Dru.

Dru instructs Cane to kill the remaining GTG members, and he kills two before making a deal with the last surviving one.

Tariq calls Tasha and tells her about the hit, and she then calls Lorenzo to threaten him.

Monet realizes that Cane tried to have Tariq killed, and she cuts off communication with him.

After running into Effie, Brayden realizes Tariq was lying to him about moving product that weekend and severs their partnership.

Monet and Tariq meet and come to an understanding that Tariq will not seek out Cane to kill, and the two of them will continue working together.

Power Book II: Ghost
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Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Effie: I brought product down here. I just need you to tell me how to move it. Split it 50/50,
Tariq: To be honest with you Effie, I'm not on that shit no more.
Effie: Whatchu mean?
Tariq: I don't sell drugs. I'm done. I'm out the game.
Effie: You really hate me that much? What you just gonna lie straight to my face?

Jabari: Listen, Tariq. I still feel like there's something you're hiding. Now you know you can trust me. Right?
Tariq: Have you read the book, Professor? You can't trust anybody, not with the truth.