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Cane and some associates rob a local church.

The semi-finalists for the Canonical Studies fellowship are announced, and Tariq is not among them. After catching Jabari and Tariq in a conversation and realizing that Carrie is seeing someone after dropping by her house unannounced, Jabari concludes that Tariq and Carrie are sleeping together.

With a re-up coming, Diana tracks down Cane, who has gone missing since his conversation with Lorenzo. He agrees to go to the drop but is picked up by the police for the church stick-up while on his way there.

After learning some new information about Riley from Trace, Tariq follows her to a court hearing and finds out that Saxe is her uncle. He later tells Brayden that Riley tried to hit on him at his birthday party. Brayden doesn’t believe him at first, but after Trace verifies he saw them together, and Riley declines to tell him the truth, he breaks up with her.

Saxe calls Paz to the stand. And after some intimidation by Ott, he gets Paz to admit on the stand that Tasha could be the Queenpin.

Diana calls Tariq to re-up since Cane doesn’t show. A dispute erupts between the connect and Monet, who kills him. Dru and Tariq then cover-up the murder.

Danilo provides an alibi for Cane, and he tells Danilo that Monet is trying to push them out in favor of Tariq.

Power Book II: Ghost
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Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Lorenzo: Hey baby.
Monet: Cane been to see you? I know how that boys loves to go running to his daddy every time things ain't going his way. What the fuck did you say to him? He ain't been back since.
Lorenzo: He came by. I'm sure he's fine, Mo.

Man, y'all look like two raw chicken culets in that fucking bed. Yo, hit me when she gets the fuck out of here.

Tariq [to Brayden]