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Cane gets rid of the GTG bodies while Tariq tries to figure out how he’s going to par 2-Bit and Davis.

Detectives meet with professors about the death at the pool, and they decide to talk to students to see if anyone has a connection to the deceased man. They promise to keep the student’s identity anonymous.

Carrie gets Zeke to admit what happened to him the night of the basketball game.

Monet gives Tariq a smaller shipment, and after talking to Brayden, they decide to ask Effie to sell the product at Yale since she can charge more.

Saxe and Davis visit Epiphany together and ask her to testify, which will expose Tariq as being involved in the business. After speaking with Paula, Tasha figures out what’s going on and gets Paula to deliver Tariq a message.

Tariq goes to Epiphany, intending to kill her but instead gives her money to disappear.

With Cane gone from the business, the Tejada families connect, Rico, decides to get Monet out of the game and shoots up the nightclub with Monet, Tariq, Dru, and Diana inside. Dru gets shot.

Cane shows up, and Monet tells him again that he needs to leave, or she will put him down herself. He goes to Danilo and tells him that they need to get rid of Tariq, but Danilo resists, and Cane kills him.

Epiphany doesn’t show in court, and Saxe believes that Davis set him up. The two sever their deal, with Saxe vowing to bring Tasha, Tariq, and Davis down. Later, Saxe calls Tariq to the stand.

Paula tells Tariq that he is being called to the stand and shows him the video Saxe and Davis have of him confessing to Ghost’s murder. He goes to Tameka, and she offers to be his council. He admits to her that he killed Ghost and tells her he wants to confess on the stand.

Power Book II: Ghost
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Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Tariq: Well, Stansfield is hot right now thanks to Ca-
Monet: We don't say that name anymore.

Paula: Well, even if Tariq is lying about his grandma, instead of gaming him let's find out why he needs the money.
Davis: Long as I get mine, that's all that matters.