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Davis and Saxe continue working together to get Tasha free and eventually get Tariq arrested. This includes colliding together and picking the perfect jury for acquittal.

As Saxe’s first witness, 2-Bit agrees to a plea deal, but unbeknownst to Saxe, he’s met with Blanca and Davis and agrees to lie on the stand about his involvement in Tommy’s drug business. Though he does mention knowing Tariq while on the stand, which makes Tasha question Davis’s motives.

Monet puts Dru and Diana to work as a way to show them she’s in charge. But Dru leaves to visit Everett and learns about the CourseCorrect app. Dru tells Diana, who then tells Monet.

Cane goes to Stansfield looking for Tariq but runs into Brayden and Trace. After Brayden lets it slip that he knows who he is, Cane holds them at gunpoint and takes them to Queens, where he tasks them with selling a bag of drugs on the corner.

Brayden sells his bag with ease, while Trace gets beaten up before Brayden intervenes. Ramirez later picks them up, and the boys decide not to tell anyone about the encounter.

Monet and Cane argue about his defiance, and he inadvertently knocks Monet in the face. He then goes to see Lorenzo in jail, and his father has several guards beat him.

2-Bit gets released from jail.

Power Book II: Ghost
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Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Are you fundamentally good or bad?


Davis: Tasha can get as mad at me as she wants to, from the comforts of her own home. I'll have the W in my pocket, and you'll have your killer. Everybody wins.
Saxe: Well, except Tariq.