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Ghost, Angela, and Tasha go over scenarios involving going to the police. Ghost decides that he wants to frame Dre for the murder of Ray Ray. Meanwhile, Tasha and Angela come up with their own plan to frame Kanan. 

Tameka instructs Mak and Saxe to push Proctor on gathering information on the death of Marshall Williams. They threaten Proctor with perjury charges if he doesn't cooperate.

Kanan gives Tariq product to hold and advises him to sell it once he comes up with a plan to do so. They later visit Vincent and Kanan tells him that Ghost was responsible for the driveby at his bar. He then agrees to get him product on a conditional basis. 

Tasha and Angela ask Tariq to help them frame Kanan, but he refuses. 

Keisha and Tommy have dinner with Teresi and Connie. Later, Keisha is served with a subpoena to testify about the death of Ray Ray. 

Kanan tells Tommy that Ghost and Dre cut a deal and that's how he was able to kill Diego. 

Tariq sells a few bags of drugs that Kanan gave him but realizes he was given fake money. He threatens the kid that stiffed him with a gun and gets the drugs back. Shortly thereafter, Kanan and Tariq are pulled over by the cops. They find Tasha's gun in the trunk and then tell Kanan that Tasha has put a missing persons report out on Tariq. Tariq corroborates the story and the cops move to arrest Kanan. He gets the drop on them and kills four police officers, but spares Tariq before dying from the gunshots wounds he received in the shootout. 

Proctor goes to Mak and Saxe and tells them that if anyone is helping Ghost and Tommy, it's Angela. 

Tariq, Tasha, and Keisha sync up their stories to lie to the police and frame Kanan. 


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Power Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

I've got some shit to do. I'll drop the head by later.


Tasha: Framing someone is the right idea. But not Dre.
Angela: If not Coleman, then who?
Tasha: You know the name, Kanan Stark?