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Hanna finds herself struggling ot prepare for the pageant on Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 20.

Hanna has a very discouraging and un-supportive pageant coach. She decides that her talent will be dancing and enlists Emily to help her. When Hanna sees that Kate is signed up for the pageant as well, she ends up flipping out during her meeting with the coach. That scene resulting in some very angry and intense dancing. 

As it turns out, Kate was never entering the pageant and it was probably just A messing with her. To top things off, the pageant coach tells Hannah that she isn't pageant material. When Emily goes to tell her off, she tells Emily that she should enter instead.

Emily decides to enter the pageant and try to win it for Hanna. She also runs into Talia's husband, who informs her that she is but a mere experiment and temporary fling. Emily calls things off with Talia.

Aria follows Mike and finds a vial of blood. He tells her that it was Mona's. Mike then tells Aria a whole story about Mona faking her own death to land Alison in jail. However, Mona hasn't shown up for any of their meetings and now Mike thinks that A double crossed Mona and really killed her.

Spencer and Jonny kiss.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Talia: I didn't know where this was going.
Emily [to Talia]: It's going nowhere. I'm not into girls because it's trendy.

Have you really thought this through? That pageant world is squeaky clean and last week you were modeling a HAZMAT suit and pushing a barrel around with a liquefied friend in it.

Caleb [to Hanna]