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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 14 opened three months after the Christmas special. The girls are attending a funeral/memorial service for Mona. There is a coffin even though there is still no body. Ali shows up to pay her condolences while also try and claim her innocence and ends up getting slapped by Mona's mother.

Bethany's family wants Spencer to go back to jail without bail so the girls race to frame Ali. Or at least dig up more evidence. Spencer talks to Jason and Emily steals Ali's hairbrush. When they go to plant the evidence at Mona's they realize there are hidden cameras. Hanna tells Mona's mother and the police end up using the footage.

The footage shows Mona wrestling with a blonde A. Jason says it could have been Ali since she left for a few hours on Thanksgiving day. There was also discussion about Mona's DNA being found in the trunk of Ali's car. Ali is arrested, but not before she warns the liars that she can't protect them from jail and that they will be next. 

Paige insists on leaving for California. Aria has a run in with A. Mike and Aria have a heart to heart, leaving everyone emotional. Spencer is cleared of charges.

Hanna also talks to Mrs. Grunwald who says that Mona is having a hard time passing over and is trapped in darkness.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

She set me up Jason! I’m gonna go to jail because of her. Somebody’s dead because of her. They’re the ones that are asking you to lie and all I want is the truth.


Showing up to your victim’s funeral? Classy.