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Emily demands answers from Mona who reveals that she was going to kill Charlotte when she met her that night. 

Hanna decides to lie that she killed Charlotte in order for A to stop the random attacks on her friends. Caleb was on board and Hanna set out to prove to Spencer she was the killer. 

Spencer believed her and she tells her of her plan. Spencer and the other liars reluctantly agree to join in on her plan. 

Emily and Spencer try to find more out about Sara Harvey and follow her henchman. When they see him walking down the street, they make a scene and Spencer has a look inside a tube he has, which has plans for The Radley in it. 

Alison is on her honeymoon with Elliot, but things take a sinister turn when she falls down the stairs and finds herself in hospital. 

She has some sort of dream that her mother is visiting her. She tells her that Elliot is a good man. 

Hanna texts A back that she's the killer and A receives the text. 

Spencer and Caleb are revealed to be more than friends in Madrid. 

Aria's boss relieves Liam of his duties.

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