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The girls are annoyed to find out they have been banned from their prom over security concerns and set out to have a prom in Spencer's barn, which doesn't seen all that appealing for the girls. Ali sneaks away to meet Charles and finds herself at her real prom and searches for him. When the gals realize what is going on, they go to try and save her, but Ali is rude to Spencer and when she slips away everyone is shocked when they see that Clarke has a gun. it is revealed that he is actually an agent working undercover. Alison is taken by Charles and she knows who it is. 

The moms get drunk and set out to confront Kenneth in his home, but instead they find Rhys there and he makes an excuse to get away from them. When they hear a noise in the basement, they get locked in, but they don't know who does it and are trapped. 

Caleb informs Hanna he has a job in NYC which will help her tuition fees and leave them enough to live there. Aria finds out that Ezra is going away to Thailand. 

Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Veronica: You can roll down a rug.
Spencer: And what? Take our prom picture on top of a washer dryer?

Ashley: It's not a punishment.
Hanna: Really, what do you call getting dis-invited from your own prom?