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Aria must beg her mom to go to the award ceremony and she reluctantly agrees. At the ceremony, A rigs Aria's art and swaps it out with the pictures of the gals out cold in the dollhouse. Tanner informs Aria and Ella that A is also going after her now because she keeps getting in the way. 

Ali looks after Lorenzo when he's ill and steals his card to get into the station and sets off to check the evidence on Charles. She is caught by Tanner who warns her that Charles will be shot on sight and won't have a chance to explain himself. 

Hanna and Spencer go and find someone called Reese who looks just like a DiLaurentis and set out to prove he's Charles, but they don't know if he really is. 

Ezra takes Nicole to Aria's ceremony and Aria is pretty jealous of it. Clarke is revealed to be up to something suspicious. Tanner watches the footage and sees Reese tampering with the pictures, or someone that looks like him. 

Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

A gives so that A can take away. That's what A does.


Ezra: Was that Clarke? I wish I could get a chance to meet him.
Aria: While you were eavesdropping?