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Malcolm wakes up chained to the floor of a cabin after dreaming about his mom reassuring young him that he wasn't a monster like his father.

He shouts for help, but John/Paul tells him not to scream and that no one will hear him. He tells him not to be afraid. He has plans.

Colette takes over the investigation looking for Malcolm. She butts heads with JT, and Dani tries to smooth things over. Colette won't let Gil tell Jessica about Malcolm getting kidnapped. She doesn't trust Jessica because of her connection to The Surgeon and her leaking that photo of the bracelet to the press. 

She and Gil interview John's grandmother Matilda. She is no help and says Malcolm is already dead. 

Gil thinks he has to call in a favor. In the meantime he goes to see Jessica who is already working with a team to find out more about these women. 

Gil makes her send everyone help and tells her about Malcolm. She thinks it's her fault, but he reassures her it isn't. He has her look through John's photo album to see if she can help.  

She tells him Martin can probably be more helpful. He tells her he's going to see the surgeon. 

Malcolm tries to make sense and profile John. John wants Malcolm to become a killer. He says he has to go through the right trials.

Dani is upset and anxious, thinking about Malcolm. She feels like they're stuck on busy work. She finds pictures of a cabin and remembers Malcolm talking about a camping trip when he took with them. 

Gil comes face to face with Martin, who isn't looking so good. Martin jokes around and doesn't want to talk to anyone but Malcolm about John. 

Gil eventually tells martin that Malcolm was taken, and he collapses upset. He genuinely believes Malcolm is as good as dead now. 

John tells him about the time Malcolm stabbed him and left him for dead. Malcolm remembers it. John stabs Malcolm the same way and leaves him to see if he'll survive. 

Malcolm's therapist is his vision. He realizes he is John's origin story. His therapist helps him settle down and clear his head so he can work on getting out of there. 

Ainsley is hearing about follow up on her interview. She wants it to be more about the victims. Jessica is desperately calling and texting her. 

Dani and JT tell Colette about the cabin. She's reluctant at first, but she agrees to go with them to see. 

They give Martin benzos. But he still doesn't believe Malcolm can be alive. He gives Gil the runaround and implies Gil is the one who got him killed. He talks about Gil wanting and trying to be Malcolm's father and goads him about Jessica after smelling her perfume on Gil. Says he isn't worthy of being with her. 

Eventually, he draws a map of the cabin and mentions it has a deep cellar. John talks to Malcolm. Malcolm tries to figure out why he tried to kill John as a kid. He thinks it was about the girl. John tells him to stop focusing on that.

He tells Malcolm it was self-defense and that they brought Malcolm on the trip because the chloroform stopped working and Malcolm was starting to remember things, so Martin wanted to kill him. 

Ainsley comes to visit Jessica. Jessica tells her about Malcolm, and Ainsley is pretty calm about it. She sees the photo book and offers to help look through it.  

She sees something familiar in the photos and takes off leaving Jessica wondering what happened. 

Malcolm is in denial about his father. John says Martin planned to do it but lost his nerve. So he tried to do it, but Malcolm came at him.

He tells Malcolm he's like his father and him. He finds our family is Malcolm's flaw and sacrifice will be Malcolm's trial. John wants to kill Malcolm's family.   

Ainsley goes through her old belongings and finds an angel like that of the figurines at Matilda's house.

Ainsley had an imaginary friend before Martin was arrested called Mr. Boots. Except he couldn't have been imaginary because he gave her that figurine.

Jessica thought martin gave it to her, but Ainsley said Martin only gave her books about Marie curie. **** Martin groomed Malcolm to be the murderer but Ainsley to be a doctor. A true narcissist needing both legacies to be preserved.  

Colette and the team flank the cabin. But it's empty. 

Malcolm tries to talk John down, but it doesn't work. He realizes they aren't at the cabin. He hears the subway.  They're underground and Somehow beneath the Whitly house. .Ainsley tells Jessica that Mr. Boots is John. She thought he was a ghost because of how he was in Martin's office once and then just disappeared. 

They hear scratching as a door opens and John is coming with his ax through a trap door to kill them. 

Gil tries to get more information out of Martin who says John must be planning on killing his family. 

John attacks Ainsley and Jessica, and they fight back and run.

Malcolm is hearing his therapist's voice. But it's not helpful. He imagines his father instead. He confronted him about trying to kill him and blames him for bringing John into their lives. 

He has to save his family. Martin tells him the best way to get out of the restraints is to make his hand small enough to slip through it by crushing it. 

John chases Ainsley and Jessica through the house. He nearly gets to him when he starts hacking the door with a hatchet. 

Malcolm crushes his hand and gets out. He calls out to John which stops him from going after Jessica and Ainsley. 

John walks into the living room and sees the box. It gives him flashbacks and triggers him. Malcolm hits him over the head and throws him into the box and locks it.   

Malcolm goes to Jessica and Ainsley and they all hug. He tells them that John won't come after them again. 

He looks traumatized.


Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Paul/John: No one can hear you scream out here.
Malcolm: You sure? I'm a pretty good screamer. I've had a lot of practice.

Young Malcolm: They called me a freak, a monster like dad.
Jessica: You're not a monster, Malcolm. You're a survivor.