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Martin has a nightmare about Malcolm saying he doesn't love him and threatening to never see him again.

Martin's privileges are back after another consultation. His first priority is wanting to see Malcolm.

Malcolm is trying to relax and do yoga but keeps thinking about everything that happened.

Jessica comes over and arranged a vacation at a resort. She even has Gil come pick him up to take him there. (She didn't think this through).   

Everyone is happy he's going on vacation. A call comes in of a DOA. Malcolm convinces Gil to take him to the crime scene. They all make fun of his white suit.   

The body has a character engraved on its arm from Count of monte Cristo. It was Malcolm's favorite book growing up. He remembers martin reading it to him.   

Edrisa finds and triggers a land mine at the scene. Malcom dives over a table and stops it.

Malcolm gives dramatic orders to everyone when they clear the room out. He has to come up with a plan to escape. Martin calls again and he answers and tells the situation.

Martin realizes that it could be Malcolm's final hours and he talked to him, and he's happy about that.

Malcolm uses the old gun to shoot out the window and dives out of it landing on Gil's car.

Martin goes to group therapy again and has them role play to help him communicate better with Malcolm.

Gil is upset about his totaled car.

Martin calls and Gil makes Malcolm put it on speaker with the whole team. Martin is pleased to be part of the investigation with everyone.  He waxes poetic about the killer using the Flint lock pistol. He's curious about the team.

Jessica is thrilled to be preparing for the biggest wedding in the city. She was out in the cold from the elite after Martin's arrest, and this will be her reintroduction.

Ainsley is covering the wedding too.

The next victim is tied to the middle of the room with a bunch of swords trained on him. Malcolm comes up with another life endangering plan to save him.   

Malcolm catches the swords as they fall. He questions William the lawyer but it seems like threats given the circumstances.

He says his client is Cal taylor the elite new Yorker getting married. He had a history of dodgy sifustuins that seems like cover ups. 

JT catches the last sword.   

Cal Taylor was high and involves with an underaged girl his cook's daughter. He crashed a boat they were on and blamed it on her. She died. It was covered up and they sent her father back to Ecuador.

Ernesto Isabella's father is out for revenge.

They go the Taylor home to warn them. The father is resistant at first but then they have to look into secret tunnels. Malcolm finds ernesto in one. They capture him and bring him in. 

Gil tells Malcolm to go on his vacation now and arranges for Dani to take him to the airport.    

He's not satisfied with the case, and she asks why he can't go on vacation.   

He talks to Dani about what it's like for him. They go see Martin together.   

Dani sees them in action, and they figure out the case.  Malcolm says they have to crash the Taylor wedding. they have to stop so Dani can get dressed up. She looks beautiful and it leaves Malcolm speechless. 

At the wedding Malcolm runs into Jessica. She's shocked he isn't on vacation. 

Malcolm gives a speech to draw out time until they find Isabella. She's the one who is after everyone to avenge how they thought she was dead and covered it up.

Malcolm finds her and he tries to talk her out of shooting Mr. Taylor. She does anyway so Malcolm dives to protect him. 

Everyone hails Malcolm a hero, and he tells them he's Jessica's son for her favor. He talks to Ainsley outside. She pulled strings to get Jessica at the wedding.

Martin watches the news from his room. 

Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Jessica: You look wonderful!
Malcolm: Do I?

Malcolm: I'm just confused, lost, scared. You have no idea what these visits do to me, what you did to me.
Martin: My boy, I made you.
Malcolm: You destroyed me.
Martin: Malcolm, what are you doing?
Malcolm: I came to tell you face to face--
Martin: Tell me what?
Malcolm: That you're a crazy, old man, a sick lunatic, living in a delusion. We never had a relationship because none of this is real. I never loved you, and you'll never see me again.