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Before Alex turned herself in, she called herself a lawyer - Elias. However, before he can get there, Alex's interrogation gets taken over by HIG, a high value interrogation group. No one is happy about it.

Caleb found something. The agent that figured out that someone used Alex's key card died in the bombing, but her phone is missing. This makes Caleb join Team Alex. He joins Elias and company into forming their own investigation as to what Alex did all day leading up to the bombing.

Caleb finds a blind spot in the security footage, and the Free Alex team figures out that someone grabbed Alex in that blind spot. Slowly Natalie and Liam join the team, and they manage to save Alex and Ryan from HIG. 

Back at Quantico, Dr. Susan Langdon visits Quantico to teach the NATs about serial killers. Their test is to figure out which of the victims the serial killer never actually killed, which leads Simon to uncover a dark secret about Dr. Langdon. She falsified evidence to catch the Welfare Mom Killer. Simon called the cops on Dr. Langdon, instead of going to the FBI.

Liam has a plan to help find out who the real bomber is. Alex is arrested, and she pleads guilty for the bombing.

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

We taught her the protocol. You'll have to do better than the standard.


I did this way too many times for my father, but I'll only do it once for you.