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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 7, Owen teaches the recruits about the various enhanced interrogation techniques. First, Owen puts them through each technique, and then he tells the recruits that their mission this week is to break Owen. The recruits need to get his CIA alias from him.

The recruits put Owen through every technique, and when he doesn't break, they decide to change it up. Diana suggests that they torture someone Owen loves, and sure enough, after waterboarding Lydia a couple of times, Owen breaks.

Meanwhile, Alex and Shelby realize that they are being pushed out of the op. When Alex fails to grab or write down any intel from the 6 phones and laptop Owen has hidden behind a false wall in his house, Shelby seems to give up on Alex as well. Shelby agrees to develop a cover in order to get more intel out of Leon. Nimah will be her handler.

In the future, Alex is captured by the terrorists. The terrorists want to know about the drives. First, they send Mike, a hostage, in. He begs Alex to tell the terrorists what they want to know, and Alex shrugs him off, believing that the terrorists are using him as an interrogation tactic. The terrorists kill Mike in front of Alex.

Next up, Diana is brought in. Alex holds out as long as she can, but she does eventually tell the terrorists that Lydia Hall has the drives, and they can track her via her cell phone if the terrorists stop jamming all communication. After the terrorists leave, Alex and Diana are rescued by Harry, Sebastian, and Leon.

Before being captured, Alex calls Shelby and tells her that the terrorists are communication with someone outside. Alex gives Shelby 6 digits out of a phone number, and when Miranda finds out that the FBI will be able to locate her soon, she plants the phone on her lover.

Back at the Farm, Ryan is tapped by the AIC.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

When it comes to gaining critical intelligence, there's no such thing as going too far.


Alex, I don't just want results this time. I need results.