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March 7, 1998 - Ben leaps into an astronaut aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis with the mission to put the first part of the International Space Station into orbit. He has leaped into David, an Asian astronaut.

In the present, Ian knocks on Addison’s door, bringing her a morning coffee. They haven’t located Ben yet but Ian is confident they will soon. They notice her apartment is trashed and asks if someone broke in. Addison admits she did it, looking for anything else Ben might’ve hidden from her. She shows Ian a flash drive she found in the bookshelf. It’s password-protected and Ian’s not sure they can hack it.

Their phones ping. Magic’s called them in to share the information about Janis Calavicci. Addison wants to use that information to jog his memory but Jenn and Magic caution her against it, stating that Ben’s amnesia is the only safeguard they have in case his agenda with Janis is nefarious.

Addison is not happy with the plan. Magic makes it clear that it is an order. Ian’s tablet alerts them that they’ve located Ben.

Ben’s hiding out in the space toilet when Addison appears to him. She tells him he leaped into David Tamara. Ben remembers the name and remembers that he idolized him growing up. This helps him remember that he himself immigrated from Korea as a kid.

Against Jenn’s orders, Addison tries to push Ben to remember more but all he recalls is that Tamara dies on his first mission, the Atlantis mission. Ziggy’s prediction is that Ben is here to prevent Tamara’s death.

With Addison’s guidance, Ben’s able to do David’s job aboard the shuttle. As he starts, alarms go off, but it’s not because of him. Something is blocking the payload doors. The shuttle starts careening. Stratton gets the shuttle under control. Reynolds has been injured.

Magic visits Al’s widow, Beth. He asks her about Janis but Beth claims she hasn’t seen her daughter for over a year. As he leaves, he calls Jenn and warns her to be ready to go.

Jenn sees a tech hand something to Ian which Ian pockets. She questions Ian about it. While they don’t admit anything, Jenn advises them to talk to Addison about handing it over to her and Magic.

Addison shares her orders with Ben. He realizes the motivation behind not trying to get his memories back and agrees it’s the right call.

For small talk, Ben asks Addison about her engagement. She’s cagey but reveals the wedding is planned for six months from now.

Addison gets the intel from NASA and lets Ben know that Tamara dies by being hit by space debris while on a space walk.

Stratton calls David/Ben up and informs him the explosion knocked out long-distance communications. She wants to return to Earth while they still can but in order to do that, David/Ben will have to suit up, jettison the damaged module, so they can get the payload doors closed again.

Addison tells him that if he can get his mission done in less than 90 minutes, David should survive.

Ben and Addison are both momentarily stunned by the experience of being in space, then get down to work.

Magic tracks down Jenn and tells her that she should’ve cut Addison off when she disobeyed the order to stop jogging Ben’s memory. Jenn points out Addison didn’t create the situation anymore than Magic did. Her tablet pings and she lets Magic know that Beth phoned Janis after he left and they now have a phone number and address for Janis.

Ben jettisons the module but Addison warns him the debris is incoming. He dodges it thanks to her.

Ziggy’s reading on the situation now says the debris Ben dodged hit the shuttle and damaged the heat shields. Prediction is that the whole team dies on re-entry.

As Magic and Jenn approach Janis’s house, Jenn advises Magic on how to work with Addison. Magic knocks. There’s no answer but the door is open. They walk in.

Ian tells Addison the encryption on the drive is high-level and can’t be cracked without notice. He advises them to ask Jenn and Magic for help.

On the shuttle, Max argues the tiles will be fine. Ben/David stands strong on the issue. Stratton offers a compromise. They go to the Russians on Mir and top up their oxygen and fix the tiles before re-entry.

Reynolds revives at that moment and vetoes the Mir option, ordering them home directly.

Magic and Jenn find the house abandoned but discover a trapdoor to a cellar.

On the shuttle, Stratton is protesting Reynolds’s plan. She walks away from his order. Reynolds sends David/Ben to get Stratton.

Stratton tells David/Ben she’s going to open the payload doors and force the shuttle to go to Mir.

Ben tells Reynolds what Stratton has planned and reminds him that he’s trained her for this, that he should believe in her instinct.

He manages to convince Reynolds who orders the de-orbit plan aborted.

The team discusses how to dock with Mir considering they have no comms. Ben/David suggests high-powered S-band which only works if one of them is in the payload bay manually pointing an antenna directly at the station. Ben/David finds himself volun-told to go for another space walk.

In the cellar, Magic and Jenn find Janis’s server room. Magis notes the code is written in Ben’s handwriting. Jenn works on removing the drive from the server.

On the space walk, Ben thanks Addison for helping him despite the fact no one else trusts him. She tells him she trusts him. Ben points the antenna and Reynolds opens communications, trying to get Mir to acknowledge and talk to them.

Magic’s phone buzzes. Janis greets him. She tells him that Ben came to her for her help. She warns Magic to stay out of their way. She also tells them that they should leave, that she’s taken precautions. She hangs up. The camera widens and we can see she’s in Addison and Ben’s apartment.

The server room starts to self-destruct. Magic urges Jenn to evacuate but she secures the drive first.

The Russians aren’t responding to hails. Ben realizes they’re all asleep. He decides to wake them up by free floating over and knocking on their windows. A cosmonaut sees him through the porthole. David/Ben reports the contact. Reynolds apologizes to Stratton and she acknowledges it.

Addison confirms that Ben’s made the difference. Everyone gets home safely, Stratton gets a command, and Tamara ends up one of the first astronauts to live on the ISS when it’s complete.

Ben asks the odds of him getting home on the next leap. Addison says 50/50 but promises to stay by his side until they get him home. He says thank you and leaps.

Addison reports to Magic and informs him they weren’t able to bring Ben home.

Magic takes Jenn’s advice and apologizes for acting unilaterally about Ben and the intel on Janis. Addison admits that Magic made the right choices. Magic tells her about the drive they got from Janis's server. Ian working on it but it’s encrypted. They mention Ben probably had an encryption key for it, hinting hard that it’s probably on the thumb drive Addison found.

Addison shows Jenn and Magic the thumb drive and hands it over, admitting she should have done so right away.

Ian uses the drive to open the drive and it produces a 3D map of space and time. There’s a point that Addison notices and it appears to be a destination that Ben was trying to reach.

Ben regains consciousness in time to get punched in the face. He’s in a boxing ring.

Quantum Leap
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Quantum Leap Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Ben: Who’s the lucky guy? Do I know him?
Addison: Uh, you wouldn’t remember him.
Ben: Fair enough. When’s the big day?
Addison: Six months.
Ben: Hope I’m back by then.
Addison: Better be.

We met at Quantum Leap. We fell in love. We worked side-by-side for years. We had to try to not talk about work when we came home. It felt like our entire life was this project. And now there’s this whole other part to it. This whole other part to himself that he kept from me. And I’m just having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that maybe this was never really ours.