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Ben leaps into a boxer named Danny and takes a couple hard punches to the face. His coach sends him to the showers for the day. As he leaves he recognizes the coach on an old poster for Daryl “The Hammer” Hill, a Golden Gloves winner.

In the locker room, he examines his boxer body in the mirror. Addison arrives. They establish that he is Danny Hill in Las Vegas in the 1970s. October 2, 1977, specifically. Ben realizes Danny’s title shot is the next day and Ben has no idea how to box.

Ziggy tells them that Danny was knocked out in the second round of the bout. Addison theorizes that Ben’s here to find the distraction that caused Danny to fight badly.

At that moment, a woman rushes into the locker room and starts kissing Danny/Ben. She gives him glove laces for the fight so he can feel she’s with him in spirit even though she can’t be by his side. Daryl walks in on them and reminds Angela she shouldn’t be there if she actually loves Danny the way she says she does.

Ben spots a photo of Danny and Daryl on the wall and recalls that he always wanted a brother.

Addison briefs Ben on Danny and Daryl’s relationship as they walk to the weigh-in at The Obelisk Hotel.

Danny’s competition is the middle-weight champion of the world, Roy Gordon.

The camera flashes at the weigh-in cause Daryl some issues.

Addison points out that Angela is at Roy’s side which might explain why Roy looks like he wants to kill Danny.

Addison returns to Ziggy HQ to find out how she’s going to teach Ben how to box and win the bout, all in 24 hours. Ian reassures her that they’ll get her what she needs. They ask if she’s taken a moment for herself and she tells them she can’t when everywhere she goes, she’s reminded of Ben.

Magic pulls everyone in for a team meeting to discuss how he should deal with the Pentagon’s questions about their power draw.

Ian debriefs them on what they’ve learned about the code Ben uploaded. They point out that Ben’s just leaped into a past beyond his own lifetime which was supposed to be impossible. They estimate that to get to the destination point, Ben may be looking at as many as twenty more leaps.

In Vegas, Ben/Danny tries to convince Daryl to delay the fight. Daryl makes it clear that this is his only chance and everything, including his gym, is on the line.

While Daryl’s getting the car, Ben tries to contact Addison but meanwhile, Gordon and his goons come looking for him. Gordon tells him he saw Angela with Danny that morning.

Daryl pulls up and tells Danny to get in. They’re leaving when one of the goons calls Daryl a baby-killer. He triggers and gets out. He takes out a couple of the goons after pointing out he served his country in Vietnam. Ben gets Daryl to get back in the car and leave.

Back at the gym, Ben confronts Daryl about how the gym is in danger. Addison arrives with intel on the fight but realizes something else is going down.

Daryl admits they ran out of money eight months ago. He’d borrowed against the gym from the Vegas loan sharks. He’s hid it from Danny and his wife Penny.

Addison tracks Daryl’s life and finds out he kills himself when he can’t sell the gym after Danny loses the fight.

Ian brings some information to Magic about how Voyager 2 used gravity-assisted navigation to gather speed in order to reach the outer planets of the solar system.

They present the theory that Ben is using leaps to gather momentum as well to make more powerful leaps beyond what was possible before.

Addison reports that something’s wrong with Ziggy. Ian runs diagnostics.

Addison returns to Ben just in time for Penny Hill to walk into the gym. Penny talks with Danny about Daryl. Ben reassures her that a win in the ring will solve all their problems. She hopes that’s true and leaves some sandwiches for them.

Alone again, Addison and Ben come up with a plan to prepare him for the fight.

Jenn debriefs with Magic on her investigation into Ben. She’s discovered that he’s been working on the new code for six months. She tells Magic that she plans on interviewing Addison.

Ben and Addison watch a holographic replay of the Hill-Gordon bout. Addison explains he needs to fight it exactly the way it happened until the second round where there’s an opening for Ben to win the fight.

With Addison as Gordon and coaching, Ben rehearses the fight choreography.

Addison starts to become frustrated. Ben notices and tries to call a break. She starts to spiral and suddenly falls and her hologram disappears.

She wakes up in a hospital bed with Magic standing beside her. He tells her the doctor has diagnosed exhaustion and dehydration.

Ian alerts Jenn to the fact someone opened a remote link into Ziggy’s system which is why Ziggy is running slow. They immediately realize it’s Janis Calavicci.

Cutaway scene of Janis showing up at her mother’s house with a bottle of wine.

Magic is informed of the remote link and how Janis probably did it. Jenn points out it looks more like Janis is using Ben rather than them being partners.

Janis gives her mom the wine, stating the surveillance has been pulled so no one’s watching her.

Ian offers to reboot the system to lock Janis out of the system but it would sever their contact with Ben too. Magic decides not to reboot but wants to know what Janis is doing in the system. Ian assures him Janis doesn’t have the tech to give Ziggy commands through the link. She can only observe and obtain data.

Janis confronts Beth with the fact that she actually banned Janis from the QL Project and that she never believed Janis could succeed where everyone else went wrong. Janis demands Beth give her everything Al had on the program. Beth refuses but gets dizzy as she tries to stand up from drinking the tea Janis prepared for her. She realizes Janis drugged her before passing out.

Addison returns to help Ben. She reassures him that she’s fine.

Daryl comes in and sees the sandwiches Penny left. He starts to freak out about Penny’s concern for him. Addison recognizes the signs of PTSD. Just as Ben’s telling Daryl he needs help, the police arrive to arrest him for assaulting Gordon’s goons.

Ben talks Daryl into staying calm as the officers arrest him. Addison tracks the history and finds out there’s a fight in lockup and Daryl’s kept for 72 hours, missing the fight, causing Danny to be distracted and lose.

Ben shouts an insult at the cops and gets himself arrested too.

Danny/Ben’s arrest changes the timeline a bit but Daryl’s still predicted to commit suicide, just a few months later. Ben realizes that even a bout win won’t cure Daryl’s trauma.

The police release them but Ben doesn’t move. He tells Daryl that he won’t fight unless Daryl promises to see a doctor. Daryl doesn’t believe a doctor can help him. His trauma is intense. Ben gets through to him by appealing to his role as a brother and a mentor. He promises to get help.

When they walk out, Penny and Angela are waiting. Penny lets Daryl know that Angela paid the bail.

The fight starts and Ben manages to match Danny’s moves through the first round. When there’s an opening, Ben goes for the KO but Gordon gets back up before the count is up. The fight starts again and Gordon knocks Ben to the mat. Ben recalls lying in bed at home. Daryl and Addison’s voices wake him up and he gets up before the count is up.

The round ends and Addison suggests that he fight his natural right-handed way since Danny is a lefty. It’ll catch Gordon off-guard. Daryl seconds that idea.

It works. Danny/Ben wins the fight and the title. Ben gets Daryl to promise again that he’ll get help.

Addison returns to Ben after the celebrations to let him know Daryl does get through treatment and starts one of the first veterans’ support groups for PTSD in the country.

Addison tells him about the destination and how the journey will take an indeterminate amount of time and leaps. Ben processes this and asks if Addison will be with him the whole way. She says yes and he makes her promise she’ll take care of herself.

He starts to tell her about the memory of home he had but leaps before he can describe the person he knew was with him in his bed.

Back home, Addison watches the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills by herself, glancing at the spot where Ben would be usually. There’s a knock and the rest of the team comes in to watch with her with Thai food and beer.

As they settle in, Magic’s phone rings. It’s Beth and she tells him that Janis took all of Al’s equipment, including his old handlink for Ziggy.

In Janis’s lab, she’s set up a miniature imaging station.

Ben leaps into a person at a bar in a club in the 80s. The TV is showing Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. A drunk guy starts hitting on him pretty hard. Ben catches a reflection and realizes he’s leaped into a woman.


Quantum Leap
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Quantum Leap Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Ben: I don’t know what to do once the fight starts.
Addison: Yeah, if only there was a way to know exactly what the champ would do. If we could see the fight before it happened… oh, wait, what do we have here?
Ben: Do you want to milk that moment a little bit longer? Should I give you some more time with that?
Addison: You know, I really gotta get the wins where I can.

Addison: Look, I can’t just stop, okay? Everything here reminds me of him. Everything at home reminds me of him. Even the day of the week reminds me of him.
Ian: So, like Wednesday? Wednesday reminds you of Ben?
Addison: On Wednesdays, we used to get Thai food and watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Ian: Wow.
Addison: He pretends like he hates it, but he follows all of them on Twitter.