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Ben leaps into a doctor who helps deliver a baby on a gurney in a parking lot.

1994, Seattle. Addison finds Ben in the hospital changing room. He tells her about delivering the baby. She tells him about Dr. Alexandra Tompkinson, the person he’s leaped into, a first-year resident.

Dr. Sandra Turk comes in, talking on the phone with her soon-to-be ex-husband whom she’s fighting for custody over their son. She’s Alex’s mentor, a third-year resident.

Sandra leaves. Addison informs Ben that he’s in this hospital to save three lives.

When Ben checks with the nurse regarding the three people, she tells him they aren’t in the system. At that moment, a CODE TRAUMA is sounded and everyone leaps into action.

There’s been a train crash and multiple victims are being brought to the hospital. With Addison coaching him, he assists with patients being treated.

The first patient he assists Dr. Turk with is one of the people on his list to save, Kimberly Cole. Dr. Harper gives a direction to administer a specific drug before surgery that Dr. Turk hesitates on which he notices.

Consulting with Addison, Ben discovers that the hospital was one that was being paid to use the experimental drug Repiratrex in order to complete its clinical trials. It’s a profits over patients situation.

Ben makes the decision to change the prescription from the Respiratrex to a more proven one. Dr. Turk warns him this could end his/Alex’s career.

2023, Los Angeles. Magic questions Janis. Janis agrees to tell him what she knows but she wants to talk to Ben first.

The nurse stops Ben and gives him the chart for another one of the patients he asked about, Eli Jackson. The man hit his head in the train crash and a cranial scan discovered a brain tumor. He wants Ben to discharge him. He says he has nothing to live for. Sandra comes in, calling Eli by name. She’s his daughter.

The doctors are paged. Sandra leaves abruptly, and Eli tells Ben not to tell her about the brain tumor. Ben strikes a deal that he’ll keep the secret but Eli has to stay put.

Addison meets him outside Eli’s room and tells him that if Eli doesn’t get treatment, the tumor will metastasize.

Ben joins Sandra and finds her treating the third person on his list to save, Louis Tan. The man has a large piece of shrapnel stuck in his head.

Ziggy says Louis dies when the shrapnel is removed. Ben is directed to keep Louis calm and distracted during the procedure.

Ben gets Louis talking about how he and his wife met and their relationship. It keeps Louis calm and still and Sandra is able to remove the shrapnel without incident.

In QL HQ, Jenn brings Janis a bottle of tequila as a peace offering. She shares information about Richard Martinez, Leaper X, with Janis. Janis lets slip that there’s an order that has to be followed.

Ben prints out information about brain tumors. Sandra notices and encourages him to get the patient to get treatment. Ben asks about her father. She explains Eli didn’t have time for his family when she was a kid. She doesn’t see them ever reconciling.

Dr. Harper confronts them about the change to Kimberly Cole’s chart. Ben admits he/Alex changed the order. He passes on the intel from Addison that Cole has undiagnosed muscular dystrophy that will interact badly with the Respiratrex Harper prescribed, which doesn’t go over well. Sandra hesitates to back them up. Dr. Harper warns Ben/Alex that their future at the hospital is in peril and that Cole was given the Respiratrex as he’d prescribed.

Sandra defends her hesitation because she can’t afford to lose her career when she’s trying to win custody of her son. She reminds Ben/Alex that the hospital’s board is deep in the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies and Harper is the board’s lackey.

Addison informs Ben that the Respiratrex will kill hundreds of people if Ben can’t get the hospital to stop using it. Ben realizes Eli might be the key.

Eli’s about to leave the hospital. Ben makes an impassioned plea for him to use his legal expertise to help his daughter stop the hospital from harming its patients with the Respiratrex.

Addison lets Ben know that Louis’s wife has been pronounced brain dead. Ben is the only doctor available to inform Louis. He doesn’t know how to do it. Addison recounts how she had to deliver the news of a soldier’s death to his mother. Ben delivers the news to Louis and stays with him as he mourns.

Ben tells Sandra that Eli’s willing to fight the hospital board over the use of the Respiratrex. Sandra isn’t happy her father’s involved. A Code Blue is called. It’s Kimberly Cole. She’s reacting to the Respiratrex used during her surgery.

She starts to code and they use the crash cart to resuscitate her. Unfortunately, there’s been damage to her heart and she needs a heart transplant to survive now. Addison goes to check the donor registry for a suitable heart.

Sandra comes to talk to him. He shares that Eli has a brain tumor and won’t seek treatment. He tells her she needs to give him hope to want to live.

Jenn and Magic confer. Magic wonders if he made a mistake not including Janis in the project to begin with.

Addison says the only suitable match in the registry won’t be able to donate because they won’t die for another three months. Ben despairs that he’ll be able to save these three people. Addison urges him to find a connection between them that’ll save them.

Ben approaches Louis and asks him to donate his wife’s heart to Kimberly for transplant.

As the two women are rolled into surgery, Addison alerts Ben that Kimberly’s chances of survival have plummeted because Dr. Harper is scrubbing in to perform the surgery and will use Respiratrex which will kill her.

Ben runs to get Sandra and they run to the surgery to prevent Harper from using the Respiratrex. They point out the first dose of Respiratrex triggered her muscular dystrophy and damaged her heart in the first place.

Harper changes his mind and orders a different anesthetic. As they leave, Addison informs Ben that Harper suspends the use of Respiratrex and convinces the hospital’s board to break their contract with the pharmaceutical company.

Sandra tells Ben that she’s already reserved a spot for her father with Oncology. She’s off to drag him over there herself.

Addison and Ben discuss how the mission went. Ben expresses his concern that he won’t be able to save Addison when the time comes. She reassures him. They lean in to kiss and he leaps.

In QL HQ, Janis and Addison come face to face. Janis tells Addison that she must tell Ben to stop telling her what he remembers as he remembers it because it’ll endanger them all.

Ben leaps into a uniformed Colonel in an elevator. He is escorted to view a nuclear reactor demonstration. The scientist with him is played by Robert Picardo.

Quantum Leap
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Quantum Leap Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

As doctors, we vow to do no harm. That means putting the lives of our patients before all else.


Addison: Wow, look at you, bringing life into the world.
Ben: It was like a miracle. But also something I never want to have to do again.
Addison: That is fair.