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Chicago, April 24, 1979. Ben is blinded by flashing camera lights when he lands in Jack Armstrong, a bodyguard in charge of the safety of a popular pop singer, Carly Farmer.

Arriving at the venue, Carly greets the organizer by name, Amanda, and asks after her mother who was sick. Amanda is taken aback by Carly’s thoughtfulness.

Ben watches the sound check from the audience seats and wonders where Addison is.

Addison arrives and checks in with the team before entering the imaging chamber.

Addison joins Ben in the seats and he fills her in on what he remembers about working with Janis Calavicci. He hasn’t remembered yet what he’s saving Addison from.

Ziggy says that Carly dies during her soundcheck. Ben runs to the stage and knocks Carly to the ground out of the way of a falling light fixture.

Ziggy readjusts and predicts Carly will be murdered that evening.

Magic meets and confers with Ian and Jenn. They agree they need answers from Janis Calavicci. Ian shows them a list of places Ziggy predicted she’d run once she’d put the project in lockdown. Jenn narrows the destinations down to Belize City.

At a VIP soiree, Addison tells Ben that Carly will be stabbed to death at 10:15pm while walking along Lakeshore Drive.

Carly comes to talk to Jack/Ben and seems shaken. Ben chooses not to tell her that her life is in danger. Carly goes outside for some air.

Addison leaves to do some research. Ben goes outside to check on Carly.

Carly kisses Jack/Ben which shocks him. She explains that he seemed interested in her the previous week. Ben backpedals to say that she’s been through a lot that day.

Loretta interrupts to tell them Trevor, the manager, is looking for Jack. Dionne informs him inside that Carly’s younger sister, Jamie, has arrived and this is a problem.

The women inform Jack/Ben that Jamie’s a junky and he shouldn’t tell Carly she’s trying to get into the party.

Ben goes outside and finds Jamie there. Addison arrives and lets Ben know that Jamie was convicted of murdering Carly.

Jamie shows Ben the invitation to the party she was sent. She believes it came from Carly. He looks it over and she infers that the invitation wasn’t meant for her. She asks if the ticket was meant for her. Addison tells Ben to say it wasn’t, but he tells her it was. She seems relieved and happy that Carly’s forgiven her for the past. She asks Jack/Ben to tell Carly she loves her and if she wants to see her that she’s staying at the Budget Inn.

Ben sends Addison back to find out the details of Jamie’s conviction. Meanwhile, Carly is being interviewed about her tour. Ben watches from the sidelines.

Ian helps Addison look into Jamie’s conviction.

The interviewer asks about Carly’s relationship with Jamie and Carly admits it’s been six years since she’s seen her sister and that Jamie was more talented than Carly and used to write all her songs.

Trevor asks Jack/Ben about Jamie showing up. Ben tells him Jamie seems healthy and interested in reconnecting with Carly. Trevor pulls him out of the room to talk.

Ian points out the flaws in the case against Jamie.

Trevor shows Ben the threatening letters Jamie’s sent to Carly over the last six years. They’re all typed. When Ben pulls out the invitation to see if the same typewriter was used, Trevor takes it and throws it out, warning Jack/Ben not to tell Carly Jamie had come that night.

Addison arrives and tells Ben that Trevor will make tens of millions of dollars if Carly dies because he owns her catalog.

Jenn tracks down Janis in Belize. Janis points out the big question is why Ben sought her help when he had the team.

Ben and Addison talk through the possibility of Trevor killing Carly and framing Jamie.

Addison suggests they set a trap. It requires Ben telling Carly about her life being in danger. This overlaps with Ben keeping the danger to Addison secret.

Ben catches Carly about to leave for a walk around the lake. Trevor comes in too and gets upset that Ben/Jack lets Carly know about Jamie. They recommend the sisters don’t meet. Carly is angry at both of them.

Ben convinces Carly not to take the walk along Lakeshore Drive. She complies but insists they still go out.

Magic talks to Addison about how she’s feeling. She admits she’s angry.

Carly takes Jack to a pub where her band and entourage are hanging out. Left alone, she tells Jack that singing was never her thing. She did it initially because Jamie signed them up for a talent show.

Addison appears and tells Ben that Ziggy analyzed the threatening letters and they were written by Trevor. Ben shares that information with Carly, informing her that Trevor kept her and Jamie apart all these years.

Carly runs out of the pub into the alley, distraught that she’d abandoned her sister because she believed Trevor’s lies. Ben tells her she can make it up moving forward. A car speeds through the alley, narrowly missing Ben/Jack and Carly. Carly realizes that someone’s trying to kill her.

Carly confronts Trevor back at the hotel. He professes to love her. She fires him.

Ben takes Trevor’s access badge off him and kicks him out.

Ben encourages Carly to call Jamie and start the reconciliation process as soon as possible.

Jenn and Janis continue their discussion. Janis doesn’t believe the team at QL is trustworthy. When she leaves, she discovers that Jenn’s paid off her bodyguards to take her into custody.

Carly wakes in the morning and finds Ben/Jack still sitting up, on guard, having not slept all night. There’s a knock at the door. Jamie comes in and the sisters reconcile.

Addison returns and informs Ben that Carly’s life is still in danger, that she’s still going to die, stabbed to death backstage. This time the knife is found in Jamie’s coat pocket instead of in her hotel room.

Ben suggests that Carly cancel the show. She refuses to continue to live in fear of this killer. She will put herself out there in hopes the killer is caught when they try to attack her.

As they’re waiting for the show doors to open, Ben realizes that Trevor isn’t the killer but the killer knew about the letters because they used the same typewriter to send Jamie’s invitation.

He phone Trevor and, just as the house doors open unexpectedly, Trevor tells him Loretta, the back up singer was always jealous of Carly and mad Trevor had been cut out of the song-writing credits.

Ben rushes to get backstage. Carly’s waiting for Jack and Loretta lures her away with a story about Jamie needing her. Carly gets downstairs and finds Jamie on the ground. She turns to see Loretta with a knife. Ben tackles her just in time, but gets stabbed in the process.

Loretta is taken away, but Ben’s bleeding. Paramedics arrive.

Jenn escorts Janis into the QL headquarters. Ian and Magic are there to greet her.

Backstage, Ben/Jack’s been bandaged up and insists on staying for the show. Jamie is taking Loretta’s place on stage. They start the show with a duet. Addison joins Ben backstage and tells him things work out for Jamie, Carly, and Jack. Ben promises Addison he’ll never keep the truth from her again. He leaps.

His leap takes him into a doctor assisting with a woman in labor.


Quantum Leap
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Quantum Leap Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Time goes by / I live my life / Traveling down the road / Open my eyes to clear blue skies / But I’m feeling all alone / A one-way ticket / That’s the price you pay / Another day / Another song / Traveling on / But I’m making my way back home

Carly and Jamie

Magic: So, what do we know? Just that Addison is going to die?
Jenn: Actually, Ben didn’t say that. He said he leaped to save her.
Magic: The man stepped into a quantum accelerator with no way of coming home. You don’t do that unless the person you love is in real danger.