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Nova’s editor wants her to write a story and Charley and Davis because gossip brings in more money than real news. She refuses.

Samuel Landry shows up at Ernest’s home, surveying the land when he thinks no one is around. Charley surprises him. He says he plans to make them an offer on the farm. Charley meets with Remy Newell, Ernest friend, who tells her they should talk about the farm after the services are done. 

Ralph Angel doesn’t think Blue should go to Ernest funeral. Aunt Vi thinks Blue deserves to have closure like the rest of the family but Ralph Angel asks his ex to watch Blue during the service. Vi tells Hollywood that she thinks it’s only a matter of time before Ralph Angel takes Blue away. She also pushes Hollywood to leave her and find someone else who can give him children. He says he’s right where he wants to be. 

Davis keeps calling Micah, who eventually answers. When Davis realizes they’re in Louisiana, he shows up. When Charley tells him to leave, he says he needs to be there for Ernest funeral. He needs his son. Charley tells Davis that everything doesn’t revolve around him but later lets him comfort her over her father’s death.

Nova negotiates the funeral bill. She won’t let Charley pick up the tab, even though she can more than afford to do so. Ralph Angel is upset because both his sisters assume he can’t pay his share of the bill. Later, Charley pays for a catering service to set up the repast. Nova explodes, saying they don’t honor their father with American Express. They make and serve the food themselves. That’s the way things are done. 

Ralph Angel’s ex is forced to stay later at work or risk losing her job. He ends up taking Blue to the funeral after all. Later, she shows up midway through the service and Blue runs to her. 

Despite their arguments, Nova takes Charley and Ralph Angel’s hands at the service as they mourn their father together. 


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Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Let light send him back to the light.


Nova: When did you start chasing the gossip pages?
George: When they started making more than us.