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Ernest’s last will and testament is read. He leaves his boat, “True North” to his sister Violet. The boat was named after Nova and Ralph Angel’s mother. He leaves the 800 acre farm and all equipment to Nova, Ralph Angel, and Charley. He wants them to farm the land and keep it in the family for future generations. 

The family meets with Sam Landry who makes them an offer for half what the land is worth but reminds them no one else can get it ready for harvest in time for this season. Remy tells Charley that Sam Landry has a habit of making low ball offers to black farmers who have fallen on hard times. 

Ralph Angel wants to run the farm but he needs a 40-hours a week job with a pay stub to comply with his parole. Vi encourages Charley and Nova to listen to Ralph Angel and give him a chance but they would both rather sell and get on with their lives.

Ralph Angel gets angry at his sisters when they start boxing up his father’s things without him. Then the repo men come for his daddy’s tractor and he snaps. When they won’t leave and won’t take Charley’s check, he pulls a gun. They pull a gun. Charley and Nova beg him to put the gun down. He doesn’t, and it’s a standoff until Blu comes outside and Ralph Angel backs down. After the men take the tractor, Ralph Angel breaks down in tears. 

He ends up at Darla’s in the middle of the night. The next day he is thrilled when he gets a warehouse job after being turned down by so many other employers. 

Nova visits a young man in New Josephine prison. She believes he’s innocent and encourages him to stay strong and not take a plea deal if he didn’t do anything. 

Davis stops by Violet’s to see Charley and Michah. Vi won’t speak to him. The Houston police want to question him about the rape allegations. He’s being suspended from the league. Davis swears he didn’t rape her. He tells Charley they hired the woman from an escort service. He swears that was the only hooker he ever slept with. Charley is disgusted. Later, Micah, who doesn’t know all the details about his father, insists on going to Houston to stand with him. 

Charley and Nova go over all of their Daddy’s bills. He was in more debt than they knew. If they take Sam Landry’s offer on the property they will barely break even. Instead, they decide to try and make a go of the farm for a year. Ralph Angel and Blue will move into Ernest home. Ralph Angel will supervise the farming, Nova will handle the paperwork and Charley will deal with the finances while splitting her time between Louisiana and L.A. When Sam Landry hears the news, he cautions Charley to be careful because they handle business differently down here. 

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Breaking you down, that's how they get you to take a plea for something you didn't do.


The land is a choice. If it's not you're all's choice, then there's no shame in feeling that way.