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With the charges dropped, Too Sweet moves to Montgomery to start over. He thanks Nova for all she’s done for him. She tells him to pay it forward. 

Calvin asks Nova out on a real date. They go out dancing and run into another police officer. When he recognizes Nova’s name from her articles he spits on her and tells Calvin he’s a disgrace to his brothers in blue. Nova is devastated. 

Ralph Angel gives Vi the divorce papers for Hollywood and LeeAnne. He also tells her that Hollywood left after he saw her “grinding on some man at the Juke.” Vi calls Hollywood to make amends but he already signed up for a six month stint on the rig. 

Charley tells Davis he needs to be around for Micah but he plans on signing with the Knicks and moving to New York in the hopes of securing a fifth championship ring. Charley sets up a meeting between Davis and Frank Rovner anyway and leads Davis to believe that they may have a second chance if he signs with the Stingers. 

Charley apologizes to Remy for standing him up on their date. Remy says he accidentally mentioned the mill deal to Ralph Angel. Nova and Ralph Angel are upset Charley didn’t tell them first, but Nova is proud that her sister is considering such a “bad-ass” deal, but Ralph Angel sees it as a huge gamble with the farm’s money. He doesn’t believe that other farmers will take the risk. 

Remy gets the other famers together for an Emergency Community Trust meeting where Charley tells the other farmers that if they sign on with her, she’ll pay any penalty fees they face for breaking their contracts with their current mill, and will give them a five percent bonus. She pleads with them to take a chance in order to change things for the better. They all agree to take the risk. 

Just as Charley is about to go home with Remy and celebrate, Davis calls. Davis says he needs to know that he has a real chance with Charley before he signs a deal with the New Orleans Stingers. She agrees to meet him at his hotel room. Remy is crushed. 

Charley refuses to sleep with Davis and he realizes he’s being played. So Charley finds Felix and blackmails him. She knows the names of several prostitutes who will come forward if he doesn’t tell New York he will only sign if they don’t sign Davis West. She also makes him pay her $5 million.

Davis ends up signing with the Stingers. Franks Rovner calls Charley to give her the good news and says he’ll wire her $5 million by the end of the week as promised. She tells him to wire $4 million to her and a $1 million donation to the Sex Workers Outreach Program in the name of Melina Galoudian. She also tells Frank to market Davis as the bad boy instead of the family man. Frank seems happy she cut ties with Davis. 


Ralph Angel finds an old lock box of his daddy’s. He breaks it open and finds a letter addressed to him. It’s a revised will Ernest wrote just before his death. It says he wants to land to go to Ralph Angel, and only Ralph Angel. 

Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Charley: We can't play it small. This is exactly what daddy wanted.
Ralph Angel: You're wrong. Everybody ain't playing games like you, Charley. Pops wanted to live on his own two feet. He wanted to work his land and bring in enough so he could do it again the next year. He wasn't trying to build no empire. Don't put this on him. This is all about you.

Charley: Whatever's happened between us, two things are sure: you'll always be Micah's father and I'll always be your biggest fan.