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Nova is invited to speak at a symposium on Mass Incarceration in Atlanta, where she meets Dr. Robert DuBois. Although the two spar on stage, their is obvious chemistry between them and they spend the afternoon getting to know one another. Robert worked in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Nova leaves smiling and inviting him to contact her if he’s every in Louisiana. Robert is obviously smitten with her. 


Hollywood and Violet enjoy his homecoming, but he’s being called back to the rig in two days and he’s going to be there for five more months. Hollywood says he wants to be in St. Josephine’s full time, with Vi and he’s going to quit the rig. 


Micah’s been staying with Nova as he slowly finds his new sense of normal. Nova tells Charley that he’s not eating or sleeping well, and that he had wet himself the night he was in jail. 

Ralph Angel shows his parole officer the new will and asks his opinion. The parole officer tells him to be careful about telling his sister because he’s seen things like this get ugly. 


Ralph Angel and Blue find a drone with a camera when it crashes while surveilling the farm. Ralph Angel collects it and takes it to the Boudreauxs. The Boudreauxs and Landrys have been spying on the farm. 

Ralph Angel catches an old friend trying to rom the farm for Sam Landry because Landry wants a sample of Remy’s new sugar cane. He says Landry also asked him to sign on for the new mill just so he could keep an eye on how far they get. Charley wants to call the police, but Ralph Angel tries to explain what it’s like to be desperate and have no options. 


Charley and Ralph Angel decide to visit Sam Landry and Jacob Boudreaux together. Sam scoffs and asks if they really think they can beat his family who has been in the sugar cane business for over 100 years. Charley smiles and tells them that’s the question they should be asking themselves.


When Charley refuses to give Davis joint custody of Micah, he tells her that he knows she forged his signature on her loan paperwork. When he threatens to sue her over it, she only grows angrier, threatening to spill all of their dirty laundry to the press and ruin his reputation and career. Davis tries to remind her that her mother allowed Ernest to be a part of her life without any drama, even though they lived in separate states and he was married to True and had Nova and Ralph Angel. Charley won’t budge. 

Later Charley sees Ralph Angel and Blue together, and overhears Ralph Angel reaching out to Micah. She tells Ralph Angel that she now sees that he deserves the chance to run the farm on his terms and she signs the paperwork for his micro loan. Then she tells Davis that she will grant him joint custody because she thinks Micah and he deserve a second change, but he better not blow it. 

Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I know you don't want to hear this right now. By remaining silent when one must speak, it's the slow death of freedom. I want you to be free.


One day away from you is one day too long. Baby, don't give up on us again.