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Nova keeps dreaming about her mother while on her book tour. In New York, she encounters Dr. Octavia Laurent who challenges her about the validity of her memoir in terms of black American culture. It turns out Dr. Laurent is a past lover of Nova’s while she was in college. The two end up having sex and Octavia considers following Nova on the rest of her book tour. 

Remy is back in town but as his relationships with Charley nor Nova have worked out, he’s decided to leave St. Josephine for good. 

At school, Blue’s friend tells him that Ralph Angel isn’t his real father and Blue goes home in tears. Ralph Angel and Darla sit Blue down and tell him the truth, that Ralph Angel isn’t his biological father but that they are connected through their hearts and souls. Ralph Angel tell Blue that as long as his heart is beating, he will always be Blue’s Daddy. 

Micah visits his friend in jail and wonders if their protest at the plantation was worth it. Then he gets a tattoo to honor his friend and gets drunk to numb the pain, making Charley unhappy with his behavior. 

Davis asks Charley for help when he fears losing his job at the University because of what’s written in Nova’s book. Charley tells him to own his mistakes and hope that the story will die down. When Davis tries to kiss her she makes it clear that their romantic relationship is over. 

ICE raids Charley and Romero’s medical clinic. Ignacio, who work on the Bordelon farm is taken to a detention center. The sheriff tells Charley that when she shut down the plan for the new prison, she made more enemies than just the Landrys. 

With the plan to break ground on the new highway only six months away, Charley considers running for city council against Jacob Boudreaux.

Hollywood encourages Violet to talk about what she’s feeling since Jimmy Dale returned and promises to be there for her. 


Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

My mother taught me to believe in what’s good. That when people say it’s too good to be true, they’re wrong.


Blue: What’s that weird smell, Pops?
Ralph Angel: I don’t smell nothing.
Blue: It’s you. You smell like stinky flowers.
Ralph Angel: It’s cologne and I think it smells good.
Blue: I think it smells funny. Maybe you put too much on.