Alan Tudyk as Harry Vanderspeigle - Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 1
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Harry Vanderspeigle is fishing on an icy lake when Sheriff Mike Thompson and his deputy Liv Baker arrive at his cabin. They awkwardly introduce themselves and explain they need a doctor for last night's murder of the town doctor.

Harry is an alien, and getting pulled into human activities isn't in his bailiwick.

When his UFO crashed, he needed to fit in with the human life forms, and he chose Dr. Harry Vanderspeigel as the body he'd wear to accomplish that mission.

Harry struck the alien who whipped his ass, sending him into the frozen lake. The creature is cool looking. Lots of hands and little arms here and there. All he had to do was see Harry to turn himself into Harry. He didn't even need to inhabit his body.

He learned everything from watching reruns of Law & Order. He needs to find his precious device to finish his mission before the snow melts, or someone else will.

Now, it's the first time Harry has been in Patience. It's his first real test. He doesn't do all that great with that. He meets Mayor Ben before going into the doctor's office to check out the dead body. There, he meets Asta Twelvetrees, who is not the dead doctor, but his nurse.

Liv didn't call the family but gave them Ben's number. Sheriff Mike says to give them his number so he can tell them he's dead. He doesn't give a shit.

Harry says that he killed himself and excuses himself from the room. Until Ben hunts him down and asks him to stay to do the autopsy. The idea of doing a cut open a body and take out the organs autopsy excites Harry, so he agrees. And then a little boy sees Harry for who he really is, running screaming.

Harry doesn't like Asta helping with the autopsy. He even says he's smarter than her, and she needs to accept it. Then they get to work. Afterward, Asta thanks him and says he did a good job. At this point, he talks about Pandas who are dumb and sometimes forget they have babies. See? Comparing her to a lizard isn't too bad after all.

She invites him for a drink, calls him a weirdo, and he realized he has to get a drink now to prove he's not a weirdo.

Then Sam Hodge's wife walks in while Harry is squishing Sam's brain.

Asta broke up with her boyfriend and will buy Harry dinner if he takes her to get her stuff with his pickup truck.

She introduced D'arcy to Harry. D'arcy is the bartender. She likes that but then realizes why he's here. Because Sam is dead. D'arcy screams THE 59 died to save one, she continues. She gives them all a shot of local whiskey, and although it's awful, Harry wants more. D'arcy likes bad boys.

Those are giant shots. They should be puking.

Asta and D'arcy dance, and then Harry finds his body moving, too. He heads to the dance floor and enjoys himself.

Everyone keeps giving him shots.

After they leave, he's thrilled that he fit in, and nobody knew he was different. Making a smart, rational decision thanks to the whiskey, Harry decides to break into the kid's house and kill him.

Harry accosts the kid in his bed, telling the kid that he will not hurt him, only kill him. The kid is Mayor Ben's son. His name is Max. He's scared to death. Ben's wife blames it on Ben for allowing Max to watch ET.

The next morning, Harry is hungover, believing alcohol affects aliens differently.

While searching for his gizmo, Harry finds the mine with 59 Died to Save the One on a plack.

Liv wants to listen to music, offending Sheriff Mike because he's got her music right here. He begins beatboxing Amazing Grace. Seconds into it, Liv accompanies him with her version of a trumpet.

Sheriff Mike is railing into Harry for putting Sam into a snowbank when a young girl named Jay walks up. Harry points out a fly on her neck aka a birthmark. She calls him a douchebag.

Harry is taking a minute to look up douchebag before helping Asta get her stuff from her ex.

On their way out, the ex. Jimmy, is there, and she worriedly shushes Harry away when Jimmy threatens him. Harry knows she's in danger because he saw a dagger on Jimmy's arm with a snake coming out of its eye socket. He doesn't want to help, but he turns around, getting to the house to hear Jimmy beating Asta.

Asta is on the ground, and there is blood coming out of her nose. Harry breaks right through the back of the house, pulling Jimmy outside and strangling him. Asta begs him to stop. Jimmy isn't worth it. Asta kicks Jimmy while he's down.

Asta wants to know how Harry dragged a 220-pound man through a wall. Yoga? They're parked in a field. Asta takes off her shoes and walks into the snow.

She married Jimmy because he reminded her that she did the right thing when she gave their baby up for adoption when she was 16. If she left him, then she felt like she'd given up the baby for nothing. But four months ago, she'd had enough. She left and never went back.

People are calling Harry as if he's the town doctor. He asks Ben why. And Ben says that he had a standing appointment with Sam, and he'd like to continue with Harry.

Harry and Asta chat at Sam's funeral, and when she notes air, Harry realizes how Sam died. He was poisoned, and when he tried to give himself a tracheotomy to breathe, he was too late.

Four months ago, Harry crash-landed nearby. On the same night, Asta was escaping from Jimmy. Harry was supposed to put the device on earth and leave. They always knew humans were dangerous. Harry always thought that humans' need for connection was their biggest flaw, and now he thinks it is their biggest strength.

Maybe there is something redeemable about the human race that is redeemable. But it's too late. As soon as he finds his device, he will create a full extinction event and kill every single one of them.

For now, he's got his first patient. It's Max. Yeah, this is some bullshit.

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Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Sheriff: I'm Sheriff Mike Thompson. Everybody calls me Big Black.
Harry: Because of your truck.
Sheriff: Because of my... [chuckles] Oh, you funny, huh? Funny.

Spring. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the sun warms the earth. Somewhere; not here. It's 30 degrees out, it snowed nine feet last winter, and four frozen sodas just exploded in my truck. Welcome to Patience, Colorado.